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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before arriving to Germany

                                              Overview                  Government Housing                  Community Housing                               Utilities                                AHRN                                                                                  

  • Before departure to Ramstein

    Besides booking a room for you, your family and the family pet -- there are actually lots of things you can do to help make your transitionto Europe easier before even setting foot on the ground in Germany. Contact your sponsor  Take the Driver's exam Set up your mail Temporary lodging

  • Childcare, schools & family programs

    There are a wealth of programs for family members in the Kaiserslautern Miltiary Community. Though you can wait to get familiar with many of these programs once you arrive, there are a few things you can do early to help ease the transition for you and your family. Spouses All spouses should sign up

  • Civilian Development

    Article by Ms. Fischer, 86 MSG Vice DirectorBuild Airmen – Civilian Development Forum UpdateBuilding Airmen is a top priority for the 86 AW and I’m excited to announce that the “Civilian Development Forum” will soon integrate under the Ramstein Professional Development Center!  This will provide

  • Community Housing

    Community HousingThe housing referral agents are here to assist you in securing off-base community housing. Listings of available community apartments/homes are located on www.homes.mil. One, two and three bedroom homes are usually available; however, four and five bedroom homes are not as easy to

  • Company Pension

    Winsecura Information   Counseling Appointments 2012  


     CPMC Non-US - Main Presentation Addiction Handout Classification Sick Absence & OIM Safety Presentation Supervisor Hierarchy Briefing Forms and Samples AF55 - Employee Safety and Health Record DD577 - Appointment/Termination Record – Authorized Signature (for LNTAP) SAMPLE Leave Plan 2021 Shop


    All Slides for Printing Source of Authority Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) Classification Affirmative Employment Interviews Reduction in Force Civilian Recognition Types Workers'


    C-TarifC-DV-Tarif (Datenverarbeitung / Data Processing)C-TK-Tarif (Telekommunikation / Telecommunications)C-Tarif Sondergehalt / Special Salary