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Contact Form

Commander's Action Line Guidelines

- The wing commander wants your input; however, Airmen should use this tool after coordinating problems or concerns with supervisors, first sergeants or commanders. If you are unable to resolve the issue, the Action Line is for you.

- Messages without contact information will not be routed, so please be sure to provide a method for communication.

- Action Line submissions must be written in a courteous or professional tone. Examples of letters that will not be published include personal attacks, insults or sarcasm; personal messages to a group or person; and those that advertise a product, group or Web site.

- Submissions must include a name, an e-mail address or an alternative method of contact. The requestor's contact information will not be published in compliance with Privacy Act restrictions. The submitter's name may be used unless he or she requests to remain anonymous.

- In the letter state the issue or concern, action already taken to resolve it, and as many details as possible.

- If an Action Line submission is of general interest to the Wing members and/or community, the query may be published on the web and Kaiserslautern American.

- Submissions may be edited for grammar and length.


  • Public Inquiries
    • 314-480-2458
  • Media Queries
    • 314-480-2458
  • Photo Studio
    • 314-480-9199
  • Commander Action Line
    • 314-480-2458
  • Host Nation Inquiries
    • 314-480-2094
  • German American Community Office (GACO)
    • +49 6371 3633010
  • Visitor Inquiries
    • +49 6371 475775
  • Employment Inquiries
  • Legal Inquiries
    • 314-480-5908
  • Passenger Service Inquiries