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  • Language course enhances BPC mission

    Since 2006, the Department of Defense has increased its emphasis on the mission of building partnership capacity, or BPC. For the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, BPC is a predominant part of operations.When thinking of BPC, several elements come to mind: training, mentoring, equipping and exercises. Leadership from the contingency response units
  • Operation Varsity 19-4: Impacted Services and Agencies

    Attention Ramstein! Next week's exercise, running December 9 - 13, will cause some delays and disruptions across the base, including, but not limited to the below list -- we appreciate your patience!
  • St. Nicholas Day

    A European holiday observed on Dec. 6th celebrates the generous works of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas Day inspires people to follow his example of giving to those in need. One tradition has children filling their shoes with carrots and hay for St. Nicholas’s horse the night before. The next morning they will find treats and small gifts in return. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Regina Burbidge)
  • Ramstein deployed Airman helps those coming home: Airlifter of the Week

    An Airman from the Deployment Transition Center was awarded Airlifter of the Week, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Nov. 25, 2019.
  • Wasting time on other’s dime

    In the military, it’s very common to hear “on time is late” or “always show up 15 minutes early.” Working for the U.S. Air Force involves a lot of moving parts. When any of those parts stop working, things get backed up quickly. Service members experience these moments when others decide to show up for appointments and training “fashionably late” or worse, not at all.
  • Angel Tree: First Sergeants kick off season of giving

    Kaiserslautern Military Community first sergeants got together to host the Angel Tree Kickoff on Dec. 1, 2019.
  • Ramstein Story Time with the Command Chief

    U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Ernesto J. Rendon, 86th Airlift Wing command chief, and his wife, Melissa, attended Ramstein Story Time, Nov. 21, 2019, at Ramstein Library, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Rendon read "Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot: A True Story of the Berlin Airlift and the Candy that Dropped from the Sky," which helped give children an understanding of Air Force history in Germany.
  • SecAF, CSAF end overseas tour with visit to Ramstein

    The Chief of Staff of the Air Force escorted the 25th Secretary of the Air Force on an overseas tour of military installations, where she immersed herself with the scope of missions supporting real-world contingency, humanitarian and NATO alliance operations.
  • Rheinland-Palatinate state secretary visits Ramstein

    Nicole Steingaß, Rheinland-Palatinate state secretary, visited Ramstein Air Base Nov. 20. Accompanying Steingaß were Carsten Göller, state coordinator for military affairs, and Udo Rzany, military affairs administrator.
  • ‘Hybrid Airman’ training enhances 435 CRG mission

    The 435th Contingency Response Group conducted Hybrid Airman training here, Nov. 7, 2019, to instill cross-functional knowledge across its units.