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  • Passenger Travel Section

    TMO/SATO makes arrangements and provides reservations and ticketing for all official travel arrangements.
  • Passports & ID cards

    Every CAC or ID Card must be registered with the Installation Access Control System (IACS) to authorize personnel access to one or more military installations. Please go to the West Gate Visitor Center or 86 SFS, Bldg 2402, to get registered in IACS.Ramstein Passports OfficeThe Ramstein Passport Office is located in Bldg 2106, Room 110. Please note

    General Pay Schedules Special Salary Schedules
  • PCS Orders Checklist

    Congratulations on your new assignment!The following documents are required to receive your PCS orders. All documents MUST be hand-carried (2 copies). Please submit all documents 120 days prior to projected departure date.***NOTE: Incomplete packets will be returned to the member without processing.PCSing CONUS• Out-Processing Worksheet. Must be
  • PCS Timeline

    Here is a PCS timeline to keep you on track during your outprocessing.180-120 days from DEROSReceive assignment notification. Attend ROP within 30 days of notification of assignment to receive virtual out processing checklist.120 days from DEROSVisit the Passport Office (Bldg. 2106, Rm 110)Begin your Dependent Remain Overseas (DRO) package, if

    SLIDESHOW: Performance Management FORMS: Air Force Standard Core Personnel Document AF Form 1003

    Performance Period is over References                  - AFI 36-1001                  - 5 CFR 430                  - 5 USC CH 430
  • Pet Licensing and Vet services

    Updated Sept. 20, 2018Licensing and Vet ServicesUpon arrival, pets must be registered with the animal disease prevention and control facility at the Kaiserslautern Veterinary clinic on Pulaski Barracks (Vogelweh Military Complex), Bldg. 2928. At that time you receive a rabies certificate and tags for the pet. Veterinary Services Appointments are
  • Pets

    Updated April 10, 2017Frankfurt Customs Clearance for Courier Services+49-69-690-78372 (Import)+49-69-690-70895 (Export)Pets in Germany -- Germans love their animals, but they also take pet ownership very seriously, as we all should. So before figuring out all the steps to get your pet to Germany, ensure you review the differences in the laws and
  • Port Call Information

    In order to receive a timely Port Call, complete the form and submit it in a timely manner. Port Call dates are normally available 4 - 6 weeks prior to your requested departure date. Contact Outbound Assignments to inquire on your Port Call date after you have turned in the port call request form with a copy of your orders, and the appropriate time