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  • Vehicle Registration

    The Vehicle Processing Center consists of three SEPARATE entities:Vehicle Registration - 569th USFPSInternational Auto Logistics - Shipping office86 Kapaun Vehicle Safety Inspection - 86th VRS (Find more information here.)Please keep in mind that Vehicle Registration handles hundreds of customers a

  • Virtual Outprocessing

    Updated October 13, 2017Personnel are required to complete the Virtual Out-Processing Checklist online prior to attending their final out appointment.  Outbound Virtual Out-processing ChecklistUpon attendance and completion of Ramstein Out-Processing (ROP) your vMPF Virtual Out-Processing Checklist


    Volunteers are appreciated in our community and are celebrated throughout the year. Because of the limited employment opportunities, volunteering may be a great option for spouses or family members to become acquainted and involved with the community. Volunteering will also help you learn new