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  • Why is there so little A/C in Germany?

    Most German homes do not have air conditioning and while there are many factors to consider, primarily: air conditioning is highly inefficient; it’s expensive to install and operate; it’s not cost effective, and it’s only really beneficial for a few weeks out of each summer.

  • Reflections from OAR

    Operation Allies Refuge is the largest noncombatant evacuation operation in the history of the United States, and I am fortunate to say, “I was there.”

  • Maintaining world’s largest airlift at Al Udeid

    In January of this year, I deployed to Al Udeid Air Base to serve as the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Chief of Protocol. I volunteered for this position and have enjoyed my time as a Protocol Officer. For the uninitiated, AUAB is massive, and home to many tenant organizations. Coincidentally enough,

  • 21st Century Leadership: Innovation & Embracing Change

    Over the past year and a half the world has faced a global pandemic, stock market collapse followed by its meteoric rise, global political changes, and rampant social unrest. During this time frame and despite the global upheavals, the U.S. military’s core missions did not change. The war against

  • Harness your experience

    Throughout your career, aim to take on new and difficult additional duties or assignments.  These will build and prepare you for future challenges.

  • Leadership: Choose your journey

    There are three tenants that I live by; choose your journey, don’t accept “no” and fight for what you believe in. Bottom line never give up on you.

  • Attitude is everything

    There is a great quote by Charles R. Swindoll that states “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. This quote has resonated with me as I look back at my 20-year career.

  • On an island, leading adaptive Airmen…ready to execute

    My leadership philosophy wasn’t developed overnight; it is rooted in my parent’s investment in my childhood, sharing in my father’s 30 years of service to the Air Force, nurtured with my own life experiences and mentored by a handful of fine general officers.