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  • Choosing the fuse: my take on mindfulness

    The projector beamed its predictable power-point display onto the white backdrop drooping from the ceiling above us. To kick off this three-day professional development seminar, a senior NCO prompted a question: “What is mindfulness?”As the anxiety-ridden individual I am, I refrained from answering right away. I listened to everyone else’s
  • Our history, our community

    Black History Month is when we set aside time to recognize, remember and celebrate the history of the black community. Our nation pauses to remember trailblazers who left their mark on the world. We celebrate the past as we look to the future. We celebrate the lives of iconic black leaders like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Dr. Thurgood Marshall.
  • Fidgeting with foodstuff

    The Rheinland-Pfalz Dining Facility is closing. What can Airmen expect?
  • Airman PES offers insight

    How does the Air Force view Airmen who make mistakes? Does it push them out, or does it give them the tools to recover?
  • Refuting 4 ‘Tooth’ Fairy Tales

    As parents, we are completely invested in ensuring our child’s health and well-being. However, many of us may find it can be very difficult to decipher fact from myth when it comes to oral health. Below you will find a few of the most common misleading myths about children’s dental health that have the potential to misguide you from doing what is
  • The power of communication

    The name of the English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton might not be familiar to many people, but they may know his famous quote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”My objective in this article is not to convince the reader that words win over swords, but to illustrate the ability communication has to influence masses and win conflicts.Some critics
  • I’m guilty as well: What my 1-year-old taught me about sexual harassment and assault

    I have a soon-to-be-2-going-on-18-year-old daughter, who teaches me something new about myself, or the world, in general almost weekly. Whether it’s what’s really important to me, how quickly a 1-year-old can frustrate a person, or that I’m guilty of committing and condoning sexual assault and harassment.
  • Seeing red: a remedy with a melody

    Anger is a wildfire. When it’s just an ember, a simple splash of water can put it out. But if you let it grow, it becomes dangerous and tougher to extinguish.I’ve never been the type of person to express my true feelings to people. I’m stubborn to the core so I bottle everything inside. Not just anger – all of my emotions. I guess I feel as if my
  • Making things right

    It was a chilly spring evening as I was driving home after spending some time with friends. My wife, who was nine months pregnant at the time, was sleeping soundly in the passenger seat. My only concern at the moment was to bring her home as quickly and safely as possible. As I pulled up to the gate on base where we live, a 569th U.S. Forces Police
  • Navigating the path to being forged in the crucible of anxiety

    With less than a week of notice, I was recently assigned a temporary duty to march in the Bastille Day military parade in Paris, France, one of the largest and highest profile military parades in the world. The Bastille Day parade included more than 7,000 military personnel and is the oldest military parade in existence dating back to 1880.