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  • On an island, leading adaptive Airmen…ready to execute

    My leadership philosophy wasn’t developed overnight; it is rooted in my parent’s investment in my childhood, sharing in my father’s 30 years of service to the Air Force, nurtured with my own life experiences and mentored by a handful of fine general officers.
  • Crisis in perspective

    Living in the time of pandemic has been a draining exercise for us all, but if we take a step back for a moment there are some truly useful observations to be garnered.
  • Where mission meets might: 86 AW and 786 CES

    I wanted to take this opportunity to build upon their insight and expand it by highlighting the leadership opportunities that are brought forth to the Airmen of the mighty 786th Civil Engineer Squadron. Through their leadership capabilities, the Airmen within this legendary squadron successfully execute the new 86th AW mission set forth by Brigadier General Olson: Build Airmen, Project Power, and Support Partners.
  • Keep the conversation going

    As we all reflect back on our own Extremism Stand-down experiences, it is vital that we keep the conversation open. We have to keep asking questions, keep engaging with each other, most important of all, keep learning and growing. I would argue that few, if any of us, have “arrived,” thus if we as Americans want an attempt at more perfect union, then we must keep communicating.
  • Follow my lead

    “What type of parent do I want to be?” is the question many of us face when approaching the prospect of parenthood. I believe the answer to this question is found in the answer to another question: “What kind of child am I hoping to raise?”
  • The accountability factor

    Our society loves buzzwords. Many people often gravitate to speaking the language of the latest trend or fad, while attempting to capitalize on those words in a variety of ways. As I sat with this thought, I began to focus on some of the words that circulate in my circles and conversations – resilience, strength, capacity, decisions, accountability. That was it – accountability. I could not move away from this word and therefore challenged myself to explore my thoughts more deeply.
  • Core leadership attributes

    “What is your leadership philosophy?” This was the question put to me shortly after I found out that I would be taking over as the Staff Judge Advocate for the 86th Airlift Wing.
  • Balancing accelerated change with resilient Airmen

    For years, “do more with less” was the refrain heard throughout every career field in the U.S. Air Force. As missions expanded and global security requirements remained high, we have continually asked our people to push themselves further.
  • Anytime is a good time for tea

    Having tea can mean sharing joy and sorrow, solving familial or business problems, or simply being present and experiencing life completely. Although a seemingly simple act, sharing a cup of tea is anything but. It is intentionally taking the time to connect and address something important.
  • Leading through grief

    “Why am I so sad today?” a leader remarked in the middle of a meeting. We were discussing the updated pandemic restrictions, how to lead in this challenging environment and how to instill some hope. His comment reflected a common emotion; this feeling of sadness and hopelessness, despite that everything seemed fine.