Stuttgart Finance Customer Support (Detachment 1)

The Detachment 1 team reports directly to the 786 Force Support Squadron and comprises of an MPF, Base Education & Training, and a Finance office. Det 1 supports roughly 1,350 personnel, where 60% are assigned locally to the Stuttgart area, and the rest are spread out amongst Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia. Due to the nature of each members’ assignment/retirement to/from the Det1 area of responsibility, it creates an environment where each individual has unique and specific requirements to ensure their pay and entitlements are appropriately managed. There is no cookie cutter approach – and each member’s case, country-specific requirements, and often unique travel paths In an effort to eliminate and reduce customer wait times and increase process efficiency, the Det finance customer service team has implemented several improved methodologies to meet the demanding customer service needs of the Stuttgart Garrison and the detachment’s area of responsibility.

For those that are new to your unit, please take a moment to review some of the links and documents provided here to ease your transition. Much of the information required for newcomers and individuals PCSing can be found through this site, allowing you to accomplish your needs.

Our Commitment

To create a collaborative culture of reliable, efficient, and ready Airmen

Provide superior care & customer service; deliver combat support; and enable strategic capabilities

Important Notes

Email Encryption & DOD SAFE

At this time, the Det 1 Finance org box is unable to receive encrypted emails.

In order to streamline processes and avoid delays we request members NOT submit documents through DoD Safe unless we request them to do s This is to guarantee we are able to action each request in a timely manner.

If email encryption is not an option, we recommend omitting all PII from your documents in order to email them directly as a backup option.

  • Finance Contact Info

    There are four primary ways to reach the Stuttgart Finance customer service team:

    1. By Comptroller Service Portal (CSP), if service member is on the Air Force network: ePages/Home.aspx

    2. By Email:

    3. By Phone: DSN lines (314) 592-6287 (314) 592-8596 Commercial lines +49 0964-170-592-6287 +49 0964-170-592-8596 *Please be patient, as the team may be working with other service members

    4. By Walk-In Tuesdays 0900 - 1400 Thursdays: 0900 - 1400 Building 2308, Room 117 on Patch Barracks

    Comptroller Service Portal

    Access only if you are on the Air Force network. The Finance team is expanding service while adding transparency to the status of your question.

    The site is secure and fully protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII). CSP does not require VPN access but does require a CAC reader when using a personal computer. Members will be prompted to create a user profile and make any necessary updates (2-3 minute process) before submitting their initial request. Customers can then submit review, and track their requests anytime, anywhere