Dog Keeping laws for Germany

Dog keeping regulations in Germany

1. The use of any electrical devices for disciplinary purposes (electrical fence, anti-bark, collars with remote control) is not allowed.

2. It is not allowed to permanently keep a dog in a box; only two hours per day at the most.

3. A dog has to have the following floor space available:

Withers (height in cm)                      Minimum Floor Space (in sqm)
up to 50                                                  6
between 50 and 65                              8
more than 65                                        10
*Half of that mandatory floor space has to be added for each additional dog kept in the same kennel.

4. Tie-stalls for dogs younger than 12 months are prohibited. If a dog is tie-stalled, it has to be at least 12 months old, completely healthy and not pregnant. The tie has to be
a. able to slide freely at a gadget allowing the dog to move within a distance of at least six meters
b. long enough to grant the dog at least five meters room to the side
c. attached so that the dog may go to its dog house, lie down and turn around. The dog has to be able to move freely and without risk of injuries.

You may only use wide harnesses or collars that do not incise; do not tighten themselves or may cause injuries. You may use only ties that are safe from twisting. The tie has to be made of light material and may not cause any injuries

5. If you keep a dog outdoors you have to ensure that the following is available for the dog:

a. A dog house made of thermally insulating material that is not detrimental to its health. It has to be set up so the dog will not hurt itself and can lie down in a dry spot. The dog house has to be big enough so the dog can turn around and lie comfortably and keep the shelter warm with its own body heat, if there is no heating in the shelter.
b. Outside of the doghouse: a spot to lie down in the shade protected from weather and with thermally insulated floors.

6. At least two times per day, your dog has to have at least 2 hours of contact with its owner/care provider (e.g. play, walk, dog school).

7. In addition, 2 times per day for 1 hour, your dog has to have the chance to run freely, if it is kept in a kennel otherwise.

Use of leashes
The Office of Public Order reminds dog owners that they need to keep their dogs on a leash inside developed areas in community limits at all times. Outside developed areas, dogs must be automatically put on a leash in case of other persons approaching. Violations against these rules may be punished by fines up to €5,000.

Cleaning up
Furthermore, the pollution of public places, in particular parks and playgrounds, with dog feces is on the rise creating a health hazard particularly to children as well as a nuisance to the inhabitants as well as the community workers required to clean the litter.

Dog barking
Barking has to be kept at a minimum. During quiet hours between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m., dog owners must ensure neighbors are not disturbed by barking, whining or howling. Outside these hours, dog owners must ensure dog noises do not last longer than 10 minutes in a row, respectively exceed 30 minutes cumulatively per day. If necessary, the dogs have to be kept inside the house in accordance with animal protection laws.

To Run Free or Not
Pets are not allowed to run free, and if they do so, the owner may be held liable for any bodily injuries or property damage that the pet may cause. German law imposes strict liability on the owner for damages, regardless of whether the pet is in the possession of the owner, lost, or abandoned. Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners obtain liability insurance, which is available from commercial insurance companies. Usually, personal liability insurance is obtained in conjunction with pet liability insurance, which will cost. Pet abandonment is not condoned in Germany. Service members caught neglecting or abandoning their pet will be disciplined.

Allegations of abuse or neglect are normally made to the security police or military police. An investigation will be conducted and the owner may be charged with pet neglect under the UCMJ. The unit commander or supervisor will take appropriate administrative or disciplinary action, to include disposition of the pet, if appropriate. If you live on the economy, you may also have to appear before an investigator, who will notify you of the charges and your rights.