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    Germany has a lot of laws and rules that are sometimes difficult for us to understand, but if you know the reason why it is that way perhaps it will be easier to live with. Germany is about the size of Oregon with a population of about 80 million people (1/3 the population of the US). They must have laws in order to live so close together
  • German Traditions and Festivals

    In addition to many German customs, you will discover many traditions and festivals to participate in. Everyone hears about the Munich "Oktoberfest" - it's held in September, not in October. Here in the Pfalz, wine festivals are the tradition. The annual Bad Durkheim Wurstmarkt, with its wine and sausage, will give you an opportunity to see German
  • German-American Community Office

    The German-American Community Office (GACO) is a joint initiative between the 86th Airlift Wing, U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz, and the city of Kaiserslautern, Germany. The office serves as a medium of communication between the local community and members of the U.S. forces stationed in and around the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC).
  • Getting Here

    So you've done all your homework, your household goods are shipped and you're making your way to Germany ... but how do you get to Ramstein and what's next? Where is Ramstein & What is the KMC? How to get to the base? What about temporary lodging and travel arrangements? Inprocessing -- where do I start? Once you've inprocessed, check
  • Getting Settled

    You've caught up on sleep, done your initial inprocessing and you're now starting to figure out which way is north -- now you're ready to take on some additional information that will help ease your transition into your new community. Unique to Germany Laws Customs SOFA Rationed Goods GACO, German American
  • Getting to Ramstein

    Getting to the KMC Ramstein's AMC Passenger TerminalThe easiest way to make your journey to Ramstein is through military air, landing you directly on base at the AMC Passenger Terminal. These tickets are booked through your military travel office and typically originate out of Baltimore. If you're bringing pets, this is an ideal way to come,
  • Getting to Ramstein Air Base

                                  Getting to Ramstein                                                                                                                                                   General Driving Information                                                             USAFE Driver's License Exam

    Updated Jan. 10, 2018 Government HousingThough there is government housing offered in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, more than 85 percent of the population lives off base, so you should start house hunting off base even if desire to live on base due to the long waiting period.Members desiring base housing should submit an advanced
  • Green Dot Training

    Green Dot is an approach to prevent violence with the help of bystanders built on the premise that violence can be measurably and systematically reduced within a community. The Green Dot trainings cover sexual assault, family violence, interpersonal violence, and suicide.
  • GS-101 Training available

    GS-101 training is available for all NSPS employees. Employees, particularly those hired after NSPS transition, are highly encouraged to complete the "GS-101" training course posted at: http://www.cpms.osd.mil/nsps/gs101/index.htm. The GS 101 training course provides a basic overview of the General Schedule (GS) for those transitioning back to GS.