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  • Tariftabellen / PAY TABLES (Non-Us)

    A-Tarif / Wage Grades   C-Tarif / Salaried Employees   D-Tarif / Foremen   H-Tarif / Accommodation, Catering & Services   K-Tarif / Medical Personnel   P-Tarif / Firefighters   T-Tarif / Retail   Z-Tarif / Civilian Support  

    What is Telework? Suitability Checklist Safty Checklist Telework Agreement
  • Temporary Furnishings

    Waiting for your household goods to arrive -- take advantage of these programs to help fill out your home temporarily. Loan lockerThe Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) has a loan locker and relocation services available. The loan locker can be found in building 2120 and has computers, loaner items, and local information guides. Relocation
  • Temporary Lodging

    Update April 6, 2017Dormitory Reception CenterDSN 480-3676; +49-6371-47-3676Kaiserslautern Community LodgingDSN 480-4920; +49-6371-47-4920Website: Click HereYou do not need your orders to make a reservation!  You should make your lodging reservation as soon as you know your anticipated arrival date.  Be sure to provide lodging an update if your

    Mandatory Supervisory Training Program:Initial training for all newly assigned supervisors helps to bridge the gap between the skills required at the working level and those required at the supervisory level. Various training technologies are available to accomplish supervisory training (i.e. USAF Supervisor Course, Military Personnel
  • Transistion information

    The Air Force starts to transition back to the GS system as mandated in the National Defense Authorizations Act (NDAA) for FY 10. Ramstein Air Force appropriated civilian employees, managers and supervisors are encouraged increase their knowledge by visiting the Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS) website. CPMS has
  • Travel documents

    Updated March 28, 2017PassportsMilitary personnel being reassigned to Germany do not require passports for entry, but do require military ID Card and NATO or service travel orders.  Passports are required for civilian personnel.  Visit your Military Personnel Flight to obtain Government no-fee passports with Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)
  • Travel Policy

    DOD Dual Sponsor Travel PolicyDOD Dependent Travel Policy CAT III(sponsor deployed for more than 365 days)DOD Dependent Travel Policy CAT IV(sponsor deployed for 120-365 days)Dependent Travel CAT V(general travel command sponsored dependents)Dependent Travel CAT V(general travel NON-command sponsored dependents)Space Required TravelInjured Soldiers

    TRICARE:Seven days prior to your fly out date, you MUST fill out the portability form and email it along with a copy orders to 86mdss.outpatientrecords@us.af.mil.  Please note you will NOT be cleared to PCS until this is accomplished!*FLYERS AND PRP MEMBERS:Flyer's and PRP members MUST pick up medical and dental records ONE duty day prior to their
  • T-Tarif / RETAIL