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COVID-19 Update

The DTC is resuming operations for re-deployers from all locations effective on or about Dec 17, 2020. Dec 16 2020.  The German Government is constantly assessing the risk of COVID-19 and as a result the data on this page changes frequently.

Please continue to check for updates as we adjust to the changing legal and operational situation.

We request Commanders continue to nominate individuals to attend, regardless of whether their nation is listed on the RKI site. DTC Nomination Tool

*If the above link does not work, please download and fill out the nomination sheet, and send to our org box AFDeployment.TransitionCenter@us.af.mil.

DTC operations will be LIMITED in quantity, and curriculum until pre-COVID standards can be safely resumed.  Class sizes will conform to 86 AW social distancing guidelines, contact tracing requirements, and best hygiene / sanitation practices.

Additionally, we are offering a virtual DTC curriculum that a member can accomplish once they have returned to home station. They can be nominated using the same DTC Nomination tool, adding a comment stating “Virtual DTC”.

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Air Force Deployment Transition Center

Air Force Deployment Transition CenterThe U.S. Air Force Deployment Transition Center at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, operates a continuing world-class organization, en route  to redeployers' home station.  The program provides critical reintegration skills and decompression opportunities.

To provide critical reintegration skills and decompression opportunities for redeployers

To be the DoD’s Center of Excellence for returning Warfighters by bridging positive combat and homefront skillsets