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The mission of the DTC is to provide critical reintegration skills and decompression opportunities for redeployers

“We are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 and will post any relevant updates on the website as needed.”


97% - Overall, the Deployment Transition Center (DTC) was a worthwhile experience

97% - The classes (group discussions) were facilitated well by the DTC staff.

93% - The DTC provided me with helpful guidance and recommendations to facilitate a smooth transition/reintegration with my family/friends.

93% - I am aware of moral injury consequences and resources to aid myself or others when struggling to align worldviews.

90% - The DTC has helped me to prepare emotionally/mentally for my return home.

90% - The DTC has fortified my resiliency and reinforced positive growth skillsets.

90% The DTC helped me understand the difference in normal stress reactions and PTSD.

88% - I have learned new coping skills to employ when encountering future stressors.

87% - It was helpful for me to talk about my own deployment experiences.

87% - I now have a better understanding of what I might expect during the process of transitioning back home and reintegrating with family/friends.

80% - After coming to the DTC, I'm now more likely to access helping resources during difficult times (both formal and informal - i.e., chaplain, mental health, militaryonesource, MFLC, BHOP)

Deployments are stressful.  No matter where you go, a deployment is significantly different from your normal way of life.  From how you eat, to what you wear, to your daily interactions and workload, switching from home-station life, to deployed life, and back again can be a stressful transition.


Our mission at the DTC is to help make the transition home a little more gradual, help members recognize some less common signs of stress, and provide tools to deal with these stressors.  We also have many outlets for rest, relaxation and decompression.


If you are simply looking for where to sign up:  DTC Nomination Tool link

*If you are encountering issues with the tool, please contact us at 478-4647/478-4602 or send us an email to our org box at AF Deployment Transition Center <afdeployment.transitioncenter@us.af.mil>


Attendees require a negative COVID 19 Test taken NET 48 hours prior to arrival in Germany. German customs requires a positive PCR test greater than 28 days old for anyone who has RECOVERED from COVID 19. Health care memorandums stating recovery by themselves are insufficient for travel to Germany. 


All members cleared for in person attendance will receive a 2 day curriculum, with a departing flight to be booked out of Frankfurt Int'l Airport on the 4th day.

New Ramstein AB ordinance does not require fully vaccinated individuals (14 day post second shot or single shot) to quarantine upon arrival in Germany. These individuals will be afforded the opportunity to go off-base and take advantage of all available on-base recreation, shopping, and dining opportunities. 

Non-vaccinated individuals will still have access to on-base relaxation and resiliency activities and will not be confined to their rooms. 

Please feel free to contact us at afdeployment.transitioncenter@us.af.mil.


DTC Nomination Tool link


Arrival Information: 

Attendees register via the digital embarkation website (use Chrome, not Internet Explorer). If unable to accomplish the digital version please complete the manual form and hand carry with you to Germany.

All members arriving to Ramstein Air Base and entering a travel quarantine should also register with the 86 MDG/PH office utilizing the Member Health Screening Questionnaire.

"What Attendees are saying"

"The main staff that we interacted with were Sgt Hudson and Sgt Rodriguez. They were very supportive to us and give us some great tools to use and expectations to look forward to as well travel home."

"The accommodations were amazing and the staff was great! Especially Althia and Jess! They helped me out a lot and I appreciate them."

"TSgt Batawila and Tolentino were top notch. GREAT people to have for this deployment/ DTC experience. Made my entire transition very convenient and made me feel like a high level Distinguished Visitor in terms of being so considerate and caring about my time and experience."

"The overall experience for me was necessary... the need to decompress as relax before returning home was extremely needed... I am grateful for the opportunity."

"Really enjoyed the facilitators. Both were very down to earth and made me comfortable during group sessions. Truly provided a safe space. Also enjoyed the DTC facility."

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Air Force Deployment Transition Center

Air Force Deployment Transition CenterThe U.S. Air Force Deployment Transition Center at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, operates a continuing world-class organization, en route  to redeployers' home station.  The program provides critical reintegration skills and decompression opportunities.

To provide critical reintegration skills and decompression opportunities for redeployers

To be the DoD’s Center of Excellence for returning Warfighters by bridging positive combat and homefront skillsets