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  • Dangerous Dog guidelines

    German Rules On Dangerous DogsIn April 2001, German law was passed on import of dangerous dogs for protection of the citizens. The local offices of public order (OPO) at city and county level are appointed to enforce the dangerous dog regulation. Dangerous dogs are defined as animals either - known to be vicious - having indicated inclinations to
  • Department of Defense Schools

    Department of Defense Dependent Schools operates schools at Ramstein with classes ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The elementary school is for grades Pre-Kindergarten-2, the intermediate school is for grades 3-5, the middle school is for grades 5-8 and the high school is for grades 9-12. Please reference each school Web site for
  • Dependents of Deployed members of 120 days

    CATEGORY 4 PROGRAM The intent of this program is to provide family members, whose sponsors are participating in a deployment scheduled for at least 120 days, can travel in  Category IV with a deployment verification letter. This program only applies to  command-sponsorship dependents stationed overseas on a command sponsored PCS assignment.
  • Deployment Transition Center

    The U.S. Air Force Deployment Transition Center at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, operates a continuing world-class organization, en route to redeployers' home station that provides critical reintegration and decompression time to meet the needs of Airmen at high risk to traumatic exposure.Operation began in July 2010 as part of the overarching
  • Directions from Frankfurt IAP and Rhein Main Air Base to Ramstein Air Base

    1. When departing Frankfurt IAP, follow signs for A5 towards BASEL or DARMSTADT. 2. After a few minutes (perhaps 15 or so), you will see signs for A67 -- GET IN THE CENTER/LEFT LANE, and follow A67 (Left Split). 3. When you pass the town of LORSCH, you will see an exit on the far right for A6 MANNHEIM, KAISERSLAUTERN, and SAARBRUECKEN -- TAKE THIS
  • Directions to the DTC

    From the West Gate:· Once you enter the west gate, proceed eastbound on Kisling Memorial Drive.· Turn left onto Maxwell Avenue (Burger King will be on your right at this light).· Continue on Maxwell Avenue, bearing right following the priority road onto Michigan Boulevard (At the CDC).· Continue down Michigan Boulevard through 3 intersections until
  • Dog Keeping laws for Germany

    Dog keeping regulations in Germany1. The use of any electrical devices for disciplinary purposes (electrical fence, anti-bark, collars with remote control) is not allowed.2. It is not allowed to permanently keep a dog in a box; only two hours per day at the most.3. A dog has to have the following floor space available:Withers (height in

    WELCOME TO THE VENDOR PAGE FROM 700TH CONTRACTING SQUADRON! We are always looking for new partners in this complex process of awarding contracts for supplies, services and construction. Doing business with the US Government is not always and easy process. This fact sheet provides a central
  • Driving in Germany

    Updated April 6, 2017  Air Force USAREUR Driver's TestingRamstein AB - Bldg 2106, Rm 201DSN 480-0115; +49-6371-47-0115 Army USAREUR Driver's TestingDaenner Kaserne - Bldg 3104, Rm 106DSN 483-7332/7482; +49-631-411-7332/7482 Customs OfficeRamstein AB - Bldg 305, Rm 14DSN 480-3720; +49-6371-47-3720  All personnel (Military, Civilians, and Dependents)
  • D-Tarif / FOREMEN

    D-Tarif (Meister / Foremen)DH-Tarif (Truppenkueche / Troop Dining Facilities)