435th AGOW units rapidly deploy forces to the Forward Edge and conduct Command and Control, execute the kill-chain, and set the theater to project combat airpower inside the anti-access/area denial threat environment in support of combined forces air commander and joint objectives.


Integrate Airpower at the tactical edge, as one, from the ground up and inside out.

Lines of Effort

Develop and Care for Airmen and Families

Decisively Employ Airpower at the Forward Edge of Battle

Feed the Fight, Sustain the Operations Tempo

Build and Maintain Partnerships

435th AGOW Groups

The 4th Air Support Operations Group is home to USAFE's Battlefield Airmen. The Group organizes, trains, equips, and administers an Air Support Operations Center (ASOC), Tactical Air Control Parties (TACPs), Battlefield Weather Teams and Staff Weather Operations in support of HQ United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and V Corps.
 - 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron
 - 7th Weather Squadron

 The 435th Air and Space Communications Group provides USAFE's only combat communications and C4ISR systems support for NATO and EUCOM. The group is responsible for theater deployable communications, expeditionary airfield system assets, specialized maintenance of communications, airfield, navigational aids, weather systems, and operation and maintenance of highly classified JWICS, GCCS, TBMCS and ISR networks, across the USAFE area of responsibility.
 - 1st Air & Space Communications Operations Squadron
 - 1st Combat Communications Squadron
 - 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron

 The 435th Contingency Response Group is USAFE's only expeditionary open-the-base force. The group provides a scalable, cross-functional, rapidly deployable force designed to assess and open airbases and perform initial airfield operations enabling rapid standup of combat operations anywhere in the EUCOM AOR.
 - 435th Contingency Response Squadron
 - 435th Contingency Response Support Squadron
 - 435th Construction and Training Squadron
 - 435th Security Forces Squadron