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  • FAQEN1

    What do I need in order to apply for a vacant position?You need our application form (USAFE Form 201) and copies of your school leaving certificates, letters of recommendation, certificate of apprenticeship. In addition internal applicants have to submit USAFE Form 10 for merit promotions.

  • FAQEN10

    Do I get my application package back in case I was not selected?Yes, we will return all applications after the selection process.

  • FAQEN2

    Can I apply for positions that are not vacant at the moment?No.

  • FAQEN3

    Do I need to fill out my application in English or German?We accept both languages. However, testimonials and documents that are not translated into the German or English language, cannot be considered.Translated documents need to be certified by a translator or an officially recognized institution.

  • FAQEN4

    Do I need certified testimonials? What do I do with testimonials from foreign countries? German testimonials and certificates of apprenticeships can be submitted as a copy. They do not need to be certified. School leaving certificates and certificates of apprenticeships obtained in foreign countries

  • FAQEN5

    Do I have to submit a photo and a résumé ?No.

  • FAQEN6

    Can I submit my application package via fax or e-mail?No. We always need an originally signed application.

  • FAQEN7

    When do you update your vacancy list?External vacancies will be updated every Tuesday afternoon.Internal vacancies (merit promotions) can be announced every day.

  • FAQEN8

    I have already worked with the US Forces in Germany. Can I apply for all vacant positions?No. You can only apply for permanent positions or temporary positions announced under a certain reason, i.e. parental leave replacement, according to the Temporary & Part-Time Law from 2001. This law forbids a

  • FAQEN9

    I am currently employed with the US Forces. Do I have to submit copies of school leaving certificates etc. ?You do not need to submit them when you are sure that all documents are filed in your official personnel folder. Internal applicants from the US Army or AAFES need to submit copies of