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  • Space A-Flight Information

    Please use the contact information link to find out about the flights. Thank you for cooperation

  • Space A-Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions To assist with your traveling, here is a list of frequently asked questions accompanied by the answer. Question 1: Is Space A travel a reasonable substitute for travel other than on a commercial airline? Answer 1: The answer depends on you! If your travel schedule is

  • Space A-Guidelines for Pet Shipment

    GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR PET SHIPMENT Only PCS status passenger may request pet shipment. Pets will not be shipped by personnel in a leave or TDY/TAD status. Sponsor(s)/ dependent(s) must accompany the pet to the final destination. Pets are defined as dogs and cats only and are restricted to a maximum

  • Space A-Injured Soldiers Family Member Travel

    Injured Soldier Family Member Travel Information U5246 TRANSPORTATION AND PERDIEM OF FAMILY MEMBERS OF A SERIOUSLY ILL OR INJURED MEMBER NOTE: SEE par. U5246-D regarding per diem. A. General. Not more than three family members (see par. U5246-B) of a member described in par. U5246-A1 or U5246-A2 may

  • Space A-Lost and Found

    DSN (314) 479-4431 Comm. from Germany 06371-46-4431 Comm. from Europe 00-49-6371-46-4431 Comm. from USA 011-49-6371-46-4431 Lost and Found Email lostbag@ramstein.af.milWhen contacting the 721st Aerial Port Squadron lost and found representative please have the following information available

  • Space A-Other Travel Programs

    Emergency Leave and Travel Emergency Leave and Travel Program. The intent of this program is to afford expedited travel for active duty, military dependents, and DoD civilians under emergency conditions. 1. Emergency travel on a Space Available bases for Active military members. The member must have

  • Space A-Passenger Amenities

    Passenger Amenities Service Credit Union Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)Subway- Hours: Mon.-Fri. 0600-1800, Sat.-Sun. ClosedFamily lounge including a children's play area. Vending Machines USO- Includes some amenities for travelers, internet hot spot and information about Europe and the local area.

  • Space A-Ramstein AMC Gram

    AMC GRAM PASSENGER TRAVEL INFORMATION 721st Aerial Port Squadron Ramstein Passenger Terminal, Germany Email address: spacea@ramstein.af.mil Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 0400-2300 Sun 0600-2300 Passenger Service Center: DSN (314) 479-4440 Comm. from Germany: 06371-46-4440Comm. from Europe:

  • Space A-Requirements

    THIS SITE CONTAINS NO FLIGHT INFORMATION General Information Space available passengers travel only after all duty cargo and passengers have been accommodated. All available seats are released, but there is no guaranteed movement in the preferred time frame. Have sufficient funds available to