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  • Reception Command Center

    This factsheet is where you can find all pertinent information to the Turkey Ordered Early Departure of Dependents starting Mar. 28, 2016.The 24/7 hotline for families needing support is DSN 479-4435/4298, commercial 06371-46-4435/4298. This hotline provides more information on an array of needs,


    Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT) Student Educational Travel (SET)

  • Request For Proposal (RFP)

    TBMC RFP 1-26TBMC RFP 27-50TBMC RFP 51-63TBMC RFP 64-76Basic - HBasic - P1P00004 - K1P00010 - A3P00026 - K3P00046 - P3P00046 - T2P00058 - J1P00058 - K2P00058 - T1P00058 - T3P00065 - FP00079 - J2P00079 - J3


    Updated March 29, 20171. If shipment of POV is not authorized to your next duty station and you desire to store your POV, an authorization letter signed by TMO is required. If shipment of POV is authorized to your next duty station, no letter is required.2. POVs must be cleaned in accordance with

  • ROP

     Updated June 23 2021 Ramstein Out-Processing (ROP) As of 01 February 2018 ROP is no longer an in person briefing.  Out-processing personnel are able to view the ROP PowerPoint slides with audio, and print needed documents via the RIP/ROP SharePoint. The link to the SharePoint