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  • Pre-arrival housing information

    What housing actions should I take before I arrive to Ramstein?This depends on your status -- accompanied members may choose to live in government-controlled quarters or may live in the community.  However, despite the options, housing on base is limited to a small percentage of the population due to the Department of Defense standard that drives
  • Preparing your household goods

    Updated April 6, 2017Traffic Management Office (Air Force)Ramstein AB - Bldg 2106, Rm 212DSN 480-2163/5509; +49-6371-47-2163/5509Furnishings Management OfficeDSN 489-6153/6157; +49-631-536-6153/6157Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office (CPPSO)Einsiedlerhof AS, Bldg 86DSN 489-7727; +49-631-536-7727Preparing your household goodsWhen you're