Step 1:  Sponsor obtains and certifies the DD Form 1172-2 online:
a) Go to ID Card Office Online
b) Select “Family ID Cards” and click on “Continue”
c) Login with CAC (retirees may create a DS Logon)
d) Select “Print Family Roster”
e) Select “Dependents” and click on “Next”
f)  Select the “I agree” box and click on “Next” and “Confirm”
g) Select “Display Form”
h) Print form as PDF and add digital signature to Block 22 and date Block 23

NOTE:  If your dependent’s information does not reflect on the DD Form 1172-2, you MUST visit a local DEERS office to do the initial DEERS enrollment of your family member(s). Initial DEERS enrollment requires all original/certified copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate etc. Initial issuance of a dependent ID card must be done in person and the dependent must bring two forms of identification (i.e. state driver’s license, U.S. passport, foreign ID/passport, etc.)

Step 2:  Sponsor submits required documentation:
a) Picture of Dependent:  MUST be in color, from waist up, white/off white background, full face forward, neutral facial expression, both eyes open, no hat or head/face covering unless authorized for medical/religious purposes, glasses okay if eyes are visible, may be taken by a cellphone (NO filters), MUST be current and at minimum 4”x6”, not to exceed 8.5”x11”, JPEG files only.
b) Two Forms of Identification:  Scan unexpired IDs with the EXACT same name, front and
back if applicable. Your current dependent ID card can be used as one of the two required
forms of ID. Only one form of ID is required for dependents 17 years and under. 
c) Digitally signed DD Form 1172-2:  From Step 1.
d) If your current dependent ID Card was lost or stolen, please provide a "lost/stolen ID Card" letter signed by your commander, first sergeant, or flight commander and the Law Enforcement Desk. You may download the appropriate template from the MPF SharePoint Site - Self-Help Documents or click on below links.

ID Card Lost Letter - Active Duty
ID Card Lost Letter - Civilian or Contractor
ID Card Lost Letter – Retired or Sister Service Member

e) Letter from School Registrar:  Scan letter from school registrar certifying full-time course or study leading to an associate’s degree or higher and anticipated graduation date for unmarried children age 21 to 23.
f) Submit all documents to via encrypted e-mail.

Step 3:  Pick up ID card at MPF Customer Service Office
Once the ID card is created, you will receive an e-mail from a Customer Service representative. If you do not receive an e-mail within 5 work days of the date you submitted your file, please contact us to inquire on the status. Our walk-in hours are between 0800-1500 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 1200-1500 hours on Wednesday. We are closed on US federal holidays and USAFE-AFAFRICA family days.

Please bring the following with you to retrieve your new dependent ID(s):
a) Current ID card or Lost Letter (if applicable). Note: current IDs are required to be turned in and will be terminated and destroyed. Expired IDs will be confiscated by Security Forces at the gate if not renewed on time.
b) Bring all ORIGINAL form(s) of identification used in Step 2b.
c) Dependents shall pick up their own ID card and the sponsor does not need to accompany the dependent. The sponsor or the spouse may pick up ID cards for their children if they are under the age of 16.

For questions or feedback, please contact Customer Service at 480-2240 opt 3 or e-mail: