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Physical Resiliency Tools

The ADAPT Program promotes readiness, health and wellness to minimize negative consequences of substance abuse in the Air Force family. This program provides education and treatment to people who experience problems attributed to substance misuse and assist them in their transition to civilian life as appropriate. These objectives are met through four levels of activities: Universal Prevention and Education; Selective Prevention; Indicated Prevention and Use of Evidence-Based Services.

ADAPT Clinic Bldg 2121, 3rd Floor
DSN: 479-2390
Comm: 06371-405-2390

ASACS is a comprehensive program providing prevention education, and counseling services to 11 to 19 year-old ID card holders in the military community. ASACS's mission is to provide comprehensive counseling services to adolescents and military families stationed OCONUS while enhancing military readiness and quality of life.

In addition, ASACS offers Life Skills classes that promote health and personal development in the Department of Defense schools. We participate in supportive activities related to military life transitions as well as providing individual, group and family counseling services.

ASACS Counselors offices are located in Department of Defense schools for the convenience of military families. ASACS Counseling services are completely confidential. Flexible appointment times are available.

Location: Counselors' offices are located in Ramstein Middle and High School
Hours: Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: RHS 478-8212 or 06371-405-8212 and
RMS 480-7104/7105 or 06371-47-7104/7105

The Ramstein Health Promotion Flight offers classes in nutrition and tobacco cessation. Some of the nutrition classes include Heart Smart, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, Healthy Eating, Eat This Not That and a seasonal Battle of the Bulge. Heart Smart is a class designed for individuals struggling with high cholesterol, and individuals can self-refer or be referred by a provider.

Location: Bldg. 2117
Phone: 480-4292 or 06371-47-4292

Youth centers offer a wide range of educationally enhanced programs, instructional classes and events, providing a safe and fun environment supervised by caring and well-trained staff.

Website: https://86fss.com/youth-programs/

Outdoor Recreation
Our mission is to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles by providing the highest quality gear, facilities and customer driven programming.

Location: KMC Building 3336
Phone: DSN 480-5705/CIV 06371-47-5705
Website: https://86fss.com/ramstein-outdoor-recreation/


Air Force dining facilities offer healthy meal choices for Airmen assigned to Ramstein and the surrounding areas.  From the fresh salad bar to other healthy choices like grilled chicken breasts, they have you covered.  With the Air Force's "Go for Green" initiative, it's easier than ever for members to identify healthy options as each food item on the menu is assigned a color. Green items are those which you should eat often, yellow are those you should eat in moderation, and red-labeled items are those you should eat sparingly.


Rheinland Inn DFAC
Closed for Renovations until Further Notice


Lindberg Hof DFAC
Breakfast 0600-0800
Lunch 1100-1300
Dinner 1630-1900
No Midnight Meal

Weekends and Holidays
Brunch 0700-1300
Dinner 1630-1900
No Midnight Meal

Jawbone Flight Kitchen
Open: 24/7 
Boxed meals provided, with two hours minimum notice. 
No hot meals.
24hr On-Call Phone:
DSN: 480-6059
CIV: 06371-47-6059



The Air Force Fitness Program's goal is to motivate Airmen to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program that emphasizes total fitness, to include proper aerobic conditioning, strength and flexibility training, and healthy eating.  The 786th Force Support Squadron has three fitness facilities that are available to active duty, retired, dependents and military ID cardholders. Ramstein Air Base is home to the Northside and Southside Fitness Centers.  The Vogelweh Fitness Center is located on Vogelweh Air Base.  All three centers offer a variety of cardio equipment, free weights, racquetball courts, fitness classes, individualized fitness assessments (upon request) and active intramural programs in a state-of-the-art, multi-media environment. Both the Northside and Southside centers also offer parent/child workout rooms.

If you need to work out late at night, the all fitness centers offer 24 hour access, 7 days a week. Registration is required; just stop by the front desk to have your ID card registered.

-Group Exercise Classes:

The 786th Force Support Squadron fitness centers currently offer over 50 classes between Vogelweh, Northside and Southside Fitness Centers each week.  Our classes range from intense spin classes to relaxing but equally challenging classes such as Yoga.  We also offer PT Boot Camp, a class geared towards those individuals that need to pass their fitness assessment. For an up to date schedule of classes and operating hours, please visit any of our fitness centers or check out our Facebook page.

- Sports Programs:

The 786th Force Support Squadron currently offers recreational unit level intramural sports programs, to include flag football, volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer and cross country.  These programs promote organized sports and esprit de corps.  Active duty military members have first priority; however, other categories of customers may participate as space dictates to offer a particular program.  We also offer extramural sports programs, to include wallyballl, racquetball, dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee, golf and bowling.   Finally, we offer a Varsity Sports program that includes basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer.  Please contact the Southside Fitness Center for a complete listing of programs and any questions regarding Intramural, Extramural or Varsity Sports.

Facebook - @RamsteinVogelwehFitnessCenters
Website - https://86fss.com/fitness/

Ramstein Southside Fitness Center, Bldg. 2117
DSN: 480-0294/0295, Comm: 06371-47-0294/0295

Ramstein Northside Fitness Center, Bldg. 552
DSN: 480-8085, Comm: 06371-47-8085

Vogelweh Fitness Center, Bldg. 2050
DSN: 489-7329, Comm: 0631-536-732