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Dependents of Deployed members of 120 days


The intent of this program is to provide family members, whose sponsors are participating in a deployment scheduled for at least 120 days, can travel in  Category IV with a deployment verification letter. This program only applies to  command-sponsorship dependents stationed overseas on a command sponsored PCS assignment. Dependents are authorized one round trip per each deployment (120 days or more) of the sponsor.

Dependents are eligible for this entitlement effective the first day of the deployment as indicated on the sponsor's deployment order. Dependents may not exercise the Category IV entitlement after the return of the deployed sponsor. Dependents must have in their possession a letter from the sponsor's unit commander or rear detachment commander containing the following information: sponsor's name, SSN, date assigned to unit, name of deployment, effective date of deployment and the following statement: "Military member will be deployed 120 days or more and the family member understands this is a one time entitlement per 120 days or more deployment." The letter must be presented at the time of sign up (in person, through mail, fax) and must be in their possession for presentation at the servicing air passenger terminal. Passengers will remain on the Space-Available register for 60 days or until they reach their destination, whichever occurs first. Dependents must sign up again for their return trip and establish a new date/time of sign up. 

Deployment verification letter from Army and AF members must be signed by the COMMANDER. We will not accept Executive Officer, Commanding, or Section Commander. It has to say Commander. Army SSgt's who are in charge of their groups are not authorized to sign as Commander. If a dependent shows to the terminal with a letter that has this, we will ask them to get a corrected upgrade letter. The only exception to this rule is Navy and Marine personnel who may have a signature indicating "By Direction" authority, which is authorized. The 1st Sgt or Sgt Major (AF or Army) can also sign the letter.

The following link contains a sample  upgrade letter and more information concerning the program.