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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

Ramstein Visitor Control Center

The VCC provides visitor passes for non-DoD affiliated personnel requesting access to a U.S. military installation. Only valid DoD ID cardholders are authorized to sponsor visitors onto the installation. Sponsors are authorized to escort up to four visitors and must be with the visitors at all times while on the installation. The VCC also processes escorted and unescorted installation access requests for official business or personnel attending an event on KMC Air Force installations sponsored by a KMC organization or member.  

The West VCC is located at Bldg. 134 and is open 7-days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The ROB-MC VCC is located at Bldg. 800 and is closed until further notice. All personnel requiring assistance need to utilize the West Gate VCC. 

For more information, please call DSN: (314) 480-5775 or Commercial: +49 6371-47-5775. An email can also be sent to 86SFS.S5I.RamsteinVCC@us.af.mil