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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

86th Airlift Wing Inspector General

86th Airlift Wing Inspector General

The IG complaints resolution program is based on the concept that IGs serve as an extension of their commanders by acting as the commanders’ eyes and ears to be alert to issues affecting the organization. IGs serve their commanders and their assigned organizations by executing the complaints resolution process and by proactively training all members of the organization about IG processes and fraud, waste, and abuse issues. IGs use fact-finding methodologies to seek out systemic issues affecting the organization. (Reference: AFI 90-301, IG Complaints Resolution)

How to File an IG Complaint:

Any Airman or civilian may file an IG complaint (free from reprisal). Everyone is encouraged to use supervisory channels to resolve grievances; however, anyone may seek the assistance of the IG at any time. Detailed guidance on how to file an IG complaint is outlined in AFI 90-301 (IG Complaints Resolution), specifically Table 2.1. In general, complainants may file complaints through any IG Complaints Hotline, or by submitting an AF Form 102 to any Air Force IG. Contact any IG via phone, e-mal, or in-person at any time if you have questions.

86th Airlift Wing Complaints Resolution:

Location: Building 2106, 4th Floor, Room 403

DSN: 480-2457 / 3190 / 5520

Commercial: +49-6371-47-2457 / 3190 / 5520

E-Mail: 86aw.ig@us.af.mil


Other 86 AW Grievance Channels and Support Agencies:

86th AW Chaplain: 480-6148

86th AW SARC: 480-7272

86th AW Equal Opportunity: 489-8534