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Environmental Morale Leave 

1. Environmental and Morale Leave (EML): Leave granted at overseas installations where environmental conditions require special arrangement for leave in more desirable locations at periodic intervals. There are two types of EML, Unfunded EML (UEML) and Funded EML (FEML). EML orders are good for 90 days from the date and time of sign up or travel date which ever comes first.

2. UEML- This is a benefit which utilizes military airlift to provide relief by allowing those eligible to travel on DoD owned and operated aircraft at a higher Space-Available priority while traveling on EML orders. Cat III upgrades to Cat II and Cat V upgrades to Cat VI.

Passengers eligible for UEML are stationed in:

Souda Bay, Crete // Gibraltar // Araxos, Greece // Italy (Gaeta, Ghedi, La Maddalena, Naples, Sigonella, Grotaglie only) // Keflavik, Iceland // Norway // Mainland Portugal, Lajes, Azores, Portugal // Spain (Sonseca and Moron only) // Turkey (Akinci, Bakikesir, Eskisehir, Incirlik, and Instenbul) Karup, Denmark // Halli, Finland

3. FEML- This is a benefit which utilizes commercial transportation to provide relief for personnel assigned to EML locations that do not have scheduled military airlift.

Passengers eligible for FEML are stationed in:

Albania, Tirana // Armenia, Yerevan // Azerbaijan, Baku // Belarus, Minsk // Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro (Former Republic of Yugoslavia) // Botswana, Gaborone // Bulgaria, Sofia // Cameroon, Yaounde // Chad, N'djamena // Croatia, Zagreb // Cyprus, Nicosia // Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa // Estonia, Tallinn // Gabon, Libreville // Georgia, Tbilisi // Ghana, Accra // Greece (Athens and Larissa) // Guinea, Conakry // Israel, Tel Aviv // Ivory Coast, Abidjan // Latvia, Riga // Lithuania, Vilnius // Mali, Bamako // Moldova, Chisnau // Morocco, Rabat // Mozambique, Maputo // Namibia, Windhoek // Niger, Lagos // Poland, Warsaw // Romania, Bucharest // Russia, Moscow // Rwanda, Kigali // Senegal, Dakar // Skopje, FYRM // South Africa, Pretoria // Syria, Damascus // Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam // Tunisia, Ankara // Uganda, Kampala // Ukraine, Kiev // Zambia, Lusaka // Zimbabwe, Harare.