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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

Space A-Example of EUCOM Letter

Sample of Deployment Verification letter

Department of the (your service)
Unit or Command

Memorandum for the AMC Terminal

From (Unit ID) Example: HHC 3/25th Armor

Subject: Authorization for Command Sponsored Dependents and Cat IV Deployment Verification

1. The following individuals are command-sponsored dependents of Doe, John A., USA (branch of service), Sgt 123-45-6789

a. Jane Doe Wife SSN: 012-34-5678 SSN and Passport #
b. John Doe Jr. Son SSN: 098-76-5432 SSN and Passport # DOB:
c. Jeff Doe Son SSN: 246-80-1214 SSN and Passport # DOB:

2. Sgt. Doe has been assigned to this unit since 10 Jan 00. On 14 Mar 00, he deployed to (location) ________to support (name of deployment) _________.

3. Sgt. Doe will be deployed 120 days (or more) and his/her command sponsored family member(s) understand that this is a one time entitlement per 120 day or more deployment.

Signature: ________// (Signed by Sgt. Doe)//________ Date: ________________.

4. This upgrade entitlement has not been used in the last 120 days.

5. Please direct any questions to Maj. Help at DSN: 480-XXXX.

I.L Help, Maj., USA
Or By Direction (US Navy)

- * Commanders whose name is typed on the form must sign the form. Having someone sign in lieu of the commander is NOT authorized
- Please include all above information on all requests for dependent travel
- Make sure to include SSN of each dependent and Date of Birth for children.
- Include the nationality of dependents. Those without US passports may encounter difficulties when traveling to certain countries without their sponsor.
- Traveling dependents must keep the original copy of the letter on their person at all times during travel.
Upgrade Fact Sheet for Unaccompanied Family Members of Deployed Service Members

Permanent entitlement as of 22 May 2006. Some unaccompanied family members may be eligible for Space Available Upgrade from Category V to Category IV. Requirements of DoD 4515.13R, Air Transportation Eligibility, for unaccompanied travel are still valid but with additional documentation the unaccompanied family member may travel at a higher priority. The following are requirements for the travel:

1. Military Sponsor must be on a Command Sponsored tour

2. This entitlement is good for one round trip during the sponsors 120 day or longer TDY

3. Unaccompanied dependents must present a letter signed by the sponsor's commander verifying command sponsorship and sponsor's TDY status.
The letter must include:

a. Sponsor's name, social security number, date assigned unit, statement to the effect that the military member has been deployed120+ days, and this upgrade has not previously been requested in conjunction with this TDY.
b. Statement of understanding from family member
c. List all command sponsored traveling dependents by name, relationship, SSN, passport #, and DOB.
d. Commander's signature

4. Other documentation required for travel by each dependent include a military ID (for all dependents 10 years and older) and passport with appropriate Visa(s) if required.

5. Dependents must have documentation signed by the sponsor's commander in their possession during the entire travel period.

6. Dependents are allowed upgraded travel within OCONUS or to and from the CONUS to the OCONUS area of responsibility.

7. Family members are eligible to sign up no earlier than 10 days prior to the sponsor's deployment. The Command sponsored dependants are eligible to commence travel effective on the first day of the sponsor's deployment. The command sponsored dependant will remain on the Space Available List for 60 days.

Current as of 27 Nov 2006