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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

Space A-Other Travel Programs

Emergency Leave and Travel

Emergency Leave and Travel Program. The intent of this program is to afford expedited travel for active duty, military dependents, and DoD civilians under emergency conditions.

1. Emergency travel on a Space Available bases for Active military members. The member must have a leave form and a Red Cross case number. Upon arrival at the terminal they need to present themselves to the Passenger Service Center to get signed up. The Agent will take the case number and information concerning were the individual is wishing to travel too. The agent will then contact the American Red Cross to verify the message. Once this has been completed the agent will contact one of the NCOIC's at the terminal for approval of the Space Available upgrade to CAT I.

2. Emergency travel for unaccompanied dependents on a DoD owned or controlled aircraft. The dependent must have in there possession a Command Sponsored Dependent letter. The dependent must also have a Red Cross case number which will be verified by a AMC Passenger Service Agent. After the case information has been verified, the agent will then follow the same procedures as they would for an Active Duty military member upgrade.

3. Emergency travel for DoD civilians and there dependents. U.S. civilian employees of the DoD Components traveling under an immediate family emergency may elect to travel space-required on a DoD aircraft. Round-trip travel is permitted from overseas areas to CONUS, and between overseas areas.

4. Passengers are authorized to stay in the Space-Available Register up to 60 days, but if you are upgrade to CAT I you must travel with in 10 days or your emergency upgrade status will expire after which your name will be removed.

Non-Command Sponsored Dependent Travel Program
Non-Command Sponsored Dependent Travel Program. The intent of this program is to visit the sponsor's unaccompanied overseas duty location, NOT TO rendezvous at another location.

1. Travel is authorized to the sponsor's unaccompanied permanent change of station (PCS) location. Travel under this program is not authorized when the sponsor is on TDY/TAD orders.

2. The sponsor must obtain prior written approval for non-command sponsored dependent travel from the installation commander or their designated representative (but no lower than the unit commander). Dependents must present a copy of the approval letter to the servicing air passenger terminal. Letter must state the sponsor's name/rank, approved unaccompanied tour location, sponsor's contact information, dependents name(s) and current residence information, length of authorized stay, and time frame the approval letter is valid.

3. Passengers will be removed from the Space-Available Register on expiration date of the approved time period or after 60 days, which ever comes first.

4. Upon arrival at the members PCS location, Non-Command sponsored dependents are not eligible to travel beyond the members PCS location accompanied or unaccompanied.

5. Activated reservists must be on PCS orders and assigned to an unaccompanied tour location for their dependents to qualify for this dependent travel program.

6. The sponsor must obtain documentation (letter) verifying command sponsorship from their current unit commander. Each letter is valid for one round trip from the sponsor's overseas PCS duty location. There is no limit on the number of letters a commander may issue. Dependents must present a copy to the servicing air passenger terminal, and shall remain in their possession during travel. 

Expired Leave Orders
1. Active Duty Military members whose leave orders have expired will be allowed to remain on the Space-Available register if they are attempting to have leave extended. These personnel will not be moved until their leave is extended. Leave extensions will be accepted based on a verbal confirmation of the passenger.

Early Return of Dependents (ERD)/CONUS to CONUS Travel
1. Early return of dependents (ERD). ERD are not eligible for Category V, command sponsored, EML, or non-command sponsored programs.

2. CONUS to CONUS travel for Dependents is authorized:
One dependent may accompany sponsor on Permissive TDY for house hunting incident to a pending PCS.