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Space A-Requirements


General Information
Space available passengers travel only after all duty cargo and passengers have been accommodated. All available seats are released, but there is no guaranteed movement in the preferred time frame. Have sufficient funds available to complete travel using commercial transportation if necessary.
Space available (Space A) eligible travelers may not use their privilege for personal gain or in connection with business enterprises or employment. Space A travel may not be used to establish a home or when international or theater restrictions prohibit such travel. The following link gives a more detailed break down of each category, please take a moment to read it over and if you have any questions please call your local terminal. 

Space A seats are normally released to the passenger terminal as early as 2-3 hours and as late as 30 minutes prior to departure. Recommend checking with the passenger service center for the space available show time prior to departing the terminal. Be ready for immediate processing and boarding.
Travelers are assigned a category (see below) upon registering for travel and compete for seats within categories based on the date and time of registration. This date and time of sign-up is valid through to destination; a new date and time are assigned for return travel. Travelers may stand by for any available flight.
Space required passengers or cargo may require the removal of Space A passengers at any point. If removed en route, travelers may re-register with their original date and time of registration. Passenger agents will assign a new date and time to any country changed or added to an application. Names of all originating space available passengers who depart on a flight will be removed from all destinations. Travelers should be prepared to purchase onward or return commercial transportation, meals, and lodging. 
Travelers remain on the register for 60 days or the duration of their leave orders or authorization, whichever occurs first.
If you have questions or comments, please contact an AMC supervisor or use AMC Form 253, Air Passenger Comment, available in every major AMC operating location.

Registration: Passengers may register for travel at Passenger Service Centers in the passenger terminal in person, by fax, mail, or E-mail. Sponsors who register in person for family members traveling with them should present all required documents: Identification cards (DD Form 2, Armed Forces Identification Card), passports, immunization records, and visas when required by the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide. Travel documents must be presented when selected for travel. Travelers may select up to five countries. We recommend the "all" choice for the 5th destination so that the traveler may take advantage of unscheduled unique travel opportunities.

The following documentation is required. Please have them ready for review when selected for travel:
Active Duty Uniformed Services Member (includes National Guard and Reserve members on active duty in excess of 30 days and Cadets and Midshipmen of the U.S. Service Academies): DD Form 2 (Green), US Armed Forces ID Card (Active), Form 2 NOAA (Green), Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Card (Active), or PHS Form 1866-3 (Green), US Public Health Service ID Card (Active), and a valid leave authorization or evidence of pass status.
Retired Uniformed Service Members: DD Form 2 (Blue), US Armed Forces ID Card (Retired), DD Form 2 NOAA (Blue), Uniformed Services ID Card (Retired), or PHS Form 1866-3 (Blue), US Public Health Service ID Card (Retired).
National Guard and Reserve Members: Authorized Reserve Component Members (National Guard and Reserve) of the Ready Reserve and members of the Standby Reserve who are on the Active Status List: DD Form 2 (Red), Armed Forces of the United States ID Card (Reserve) and DD Form 1853, Authentication of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility.

Retired Reservists Entitled to Retired Pay at Age 60: DD Form 2 (Red) and a notice of retirement eligibility as described in DoD Directive 1200.15. If the automated DD Form 2 (Red) has been issued, the member is registered in his or her service personnel system as a Reserve retiree entitled pay at age 60, and a notice of retirement is not required.
Retired Reservists Qualified for Retired Pay: DD Form 2 (Blue), US Armed Forces ID Card (Retired), DD Form 2 NOAA (Blue), Uniformed Services ID Card (Retired), or PHS Form 1866-3 (Blue), US Public Health Service ID Card (Retired).
On Active Duty for 30 Days or Less: DD Form 2 (Red) and orders placing the Reservist on active duty and a valid leave authorization or evidence of pass status.
ROTC, Nuclear Power Officer Candidate (NUPOC), and Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) Members: When enrolled in an advanced ROTC, NUPOC, or CEC course or enrolled under the financial assistance program: DD Form 2 (Red) and DD Form 1853.
Family Members of Uniformed Services Members: DD Form 1173, United States Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card.
EML Travelers: Travel orders issued by the Unified Command. Participants of the EML program may take no more than two trips per year and trips may not be taken within 6 months of the beginning or end of the service.

Category 1- Emergency leave paperwork, ID, and Passports for dependents.

Category 2- EML Paperwork, ID, and Passports for dependents.

Category 3- Valid Leave form, ID, and Passports for dependents.

Category 4- Permissive TDY orders, ID \\ Dependents of deployed members of 120 days.

Category 5- Command Sponsorship letter, ID, and Passports for dependents.

Category 6- ID, Passports

NOTE: All command sponsored dependents need either a SOFA stamp or a SOFA card in their passports. Passengers PCSing will get the stamp when they file for a Department of State no fee passport prior to PCSing to Germany. If this cannot be done prior to travel, passengers can obtain the SOFA card from their passport office upon arrival in Germany as long as they are PCSing and the dependents are listed on the PSC orders.