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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

Space Required Travel Information

Space Required Travel Information
How do I get signed up?
In order to get signed up all duty passengers traveling on orders are required to sign up in person at the Passenger Service Center at your local terminal. We cannot accept fax, email, or over the phone sign up.

When can I sign up for travel?
Once you have your travel orders in hand you may come down to your local passenger terminal and get signed up. When you sign up space required, you can only sign up for one specific destination at a time.

Space Required Travel with Weapons
Passengers traveling to and from the AOR need to have their weapon in a hard container and it must be locked. They cannot be in a wooden crate. Weapons can only be transported in suitable locked containers; this pertains to individual and bulk loaded weapons.

Ammunition aboard DOD-Controlled Aircraft:
Each individual is allowed to travel with small arms ammo, excluding tracer ammunition. However, each individual is allowed no more than three magazine clips total in checked baggage. Magazine clips must be contained in a pouch, holder, holster, or lanyard.


Space Required forward movement destinations
OEF AOR Information:
For passengers trying to travel into the Afghanistan AOR we suggest that any passengers that would be delayed here at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal proceed to Manas AB, Kyrgyzstan and get forward movement from their to get to there final destination.

OIF AOR Information
For all passengers traveling to the Iraq AOR who cannot get forward movement out of the Ramstein Passenger Terminal we highly encourage passengers to travel to either:

Al Udeid, Qatar or Kuwait International, Kuwait. Forward movement into the OIF AOR can be obtained at these locations.

OEF/OIF Passenger Terminals
US CENTCOM AOR Phone Numbers
Adana, Turkey (ADA) DSN 318-676-6424
Al Udeid, Qatar (IUD) DSN 318-437-2609
Ali AL Salem, Kuwait (KEZ) DSN 318-442-2182
Baghadad, Iraq (SDA) DSN 318-446-3028
Bagram, Afghanistan (OA1) DSN 318-231-4683
Kandahar, Afghanistan (KDH) DSN 318-341-1124
Manas, Kyrgyzstan (FRU) DSN 318-476-0131

LNO- Local Phone 01604-66-7723
From States 011-49-1604-66-7723