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  • Unaccompanied baggage

    Unaccompanied Baggage Unaccompanied baggage is shipped airfreight to Germany. Typically your unaccompanied baggage will be available to you within 35 to 60 days of shipment. Check with your transportation office for your authorized weight allowance and ensure that your baggage is under that weight. Overweight unaccompanied baggage may not be able
  • Understanding German Customs

    As a guest in another country, you are expected to be on your best behavior. Service members are unofficial "ambassadors in uniform." Understanding customs and courtesies is the first step towards getting along with your German neighbors and NATO partners. You are here to fulfill an important mission, but you can also enjoy yourself and the

    UTILITIESHeating fuel, water and electricity are more expensive in Germany than stateside. Rent and utilities are paid in local currency, the Euro, which means costs vary based on the US dollar to Euro daily exchange rate. Each German community runs their own utility companies so you will have to contact your landlord or the Housing Office to be
  • Vehicle Inspection & Registration

    Updated June 26, 2018**PLEASE CALL VEHICLE REGISTRATION FOR ALL REGISTRATION QUERIES AND VEHICLE INSPECTION FOR ALL INSPECTION QUERIES**------------------------------------------------------------VEHICLE REGISTRATION569th USFSPSKapaun AS, Bldg. 2806Walk-ins: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (0700-1130) and Wednesday (0700-1515)Appointments:
  • Virtual Outprocessing

    Updated October 13, 2017Personnel are required to complete the Virtual Out-Processing Checklist online prior to attending their final out appointment.  Outbound Virtual Out-processing ChecklistUpon attendance and completion of Ramstein Out-Processing (ROP) your vMPF Virtual Out-Processing Checklist (vOP) will be loaded.  Your vOP checklist

    Volunteers are appreciated in our community and are celebrated throughout the year. Because of the limited employment opportunities, volunteering may be a great option for spouses or family members to become acquainted and involved with the community. Volunteering will also help you learn new skills, maintain skills that you already posses, and

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  • West Gate Construction continues -- 6 Jun 2012

    West Gate Construction continuesAs part of a continuing improvement to base security, construction work will continue at the West Gate through July. Steps have been taken to minimize travel delays during peak travel hours. During morning commute hours, 6:30 - 8:30 a.m. weekdays; the West LVIS gate and two lanes at the West Gate are open for
  • What is the KMC?

    Updated March 27, 2017The Kaiserslautern Military Community, or KMC, is the largest military community outside the continental United States, and is a combined community consisting of Army and Air Force components. The KMC consists of Air Force facilities located at Ramstein Air Base, Einsiedlerhof, Vogelweh and Kapaun Air Station, along with Army
  • What to expect at the DTC?

    Upon arrival at Ramstein Air Base on day one, redeployers are transported by bus to the on-campus Temporary Lodging Facility buildings where two to three redeployers will share each apartment. The rest of the day is set aside for rest and relaxation at the individual's discretion, and a shuttle bus is provided to access all base services including