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    Special Emphasis Programs (SEP) are established as an integral part of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), as reflected in AFR 40-713, EEO and Affirmative Action Programs, to enhance opportunities for women and minorities throughout the federal sector. SEPs established at Ramstein Air Base are the American Indian/Alaskan Native Program (AI/AN),
  • Special Salary Schedules

    Special Salary Schedule 2009 Special Salary Schedule 2009 for (Deputy) Managers
  • Sponsor Program

    Updated April 6, 2017786 FSS/FSPS Customer ServiceEmail: 786fss.fspscustomerservice@us.af.milAirman & Family Readiness CenterDSN 480-5100; +49-6371-47-5100Email: 86fss.fsfrafrc@us.af.milFIRST STEP -- CONTACT YOUR UNIT TO OBTAIN A SPONSORNo matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned to Ramstein before, you need to make
  • Spouse Orientation

    The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center hosts a spouse orientation every Monday for all newly arrived Kaiserslautern Military Community spouses. The expanded orientation now includes a medical right start piece in addition to helpful information on German culture and customs, recycling, shopping tips, how to save on the economy and more.Other
  • Status of Forces Agreement

    The legal status of Americans stationed in Germany is governed by special international agreements including the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. People stationed at overseas bases or posts must remember German laws apply to them, too. To protect yourself, know what rights you have as an American. Whether German authorities exercise their right of
  • Summerhire Program

        Flyer   Student/Parent Information   Summer Hire Application 2016  

    Supervisor's Checklist Supervisor's Employee Work Folder & Brief Supervisors Quick References Guide for Interviews Discipline, Conduct and Performance Guide Douglas Factor Empoyee Assistance - Suicide Prevention Formal Counseling Oral Admonishment Handbook for Federal Empoyee's Worker's Compensation

    SLIDESHOW: Supervisor's Records FORMS: Supervisor's Records of Employee (AF Form 971) AF Civilian
  • Supervisory Course Information Collection

    1. Mandatory Supervisory Courses Info2. Supervisory Courses with Registration Links3. Memorandum for Supervisors4. Memorandum for All Commanders & Supervisors
  • Supervisory Training Courses

     Live Courses at Ramstein Civilian Personnel Management Course (CPMC- NUS) Start-Date End-Date Register here