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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions


Mandatory Supervisory Training Program:
Initial training for all newly assigned supervisors helps to bridge the gap between the skills required at the working level and those required at the supervisory level. Various training technologies are available to accomplish supervisory training (i.e. USAF Supervisor Course, Military Personnel Management Course [MPMC], Civilian Personnel Management Course [CPMC] U.S. and/or Non-U.S.

The Civilian Personnel staff offers courses to help supervisors better understand the Civilian Personnel system. These courses are designed for civilian and military supervisors and mandatory for a supervisor of military or civilian employees. There are separate courses for each category of personnel supervised, i.e.Mil, US and NUS. Before supervisors assume their new duties or within 180 days after assignment to a supervisory position, supervisors must undergo the initial training if they supervise Military, U.S. or Non-U.S. citizen employees.