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  • 86th LRS ensures readiness, safety

    Sky lights beam down on steel shelves stacked as high as the eye can see. Thousands of industrial boxes occupy the shelves, fitting together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. The faint chatter of workers echo across the vast rows and columns of the warehouse as Airmen inventory thousands of pieces of equipment. One Airman carefully fork lifts one
  • 37 AS Airman masters craft in Greece

    The rushing wind whipped around Airmen on the open ramp of a C-130J Super Hercules as the last rays of the sun glistened off the surface of the ocean and illuminated the islands sprinkled along the Greek coastline. With a sudden lurch, the C-130 banked to the right, turning the rosy scenery almost completely sideways, quickly tailed by two more in its wake. The three aircrafts raced across the sky, weaving around each other while the sun slipped lazily to sleep, leaving everything dark in its wake. Senior Airman Matthew Gee, 37th Airlift Squadron loadmaster, along with approximately 110 other 37th AS Airmen, have participated in Exercise Stolen Cerberus IV at Elefsis Air Base, Greece from April 18 to 28. He and other loadmasters have worked alongside the U.S. Army and Hellenic air force to perform personnel and cargo air drops out of C-130s.
  • The beaten path: An Airman’s 381-mile walk for refuge (Part II)

    In Part II of her story, Otto, a former Sudanese refugee, concludes her perilous journey of courage, ambition and perseverance which has paved her way to become part of our U.S. Air Force, today.
  • The beaten path: An Airman’s 381-mile walk for refuge

    Staff Sgt. Martha Otto is one of millions of Sudanese refugees who fled their homes due to unrest caused by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA made news for and still targets civilians to draft child soldiers while raping, killing, and looting villages. The Ramstein Airman shares her perilous journey of courage, ambition and perseverance which has paved her way to become part of our U.S. Air Force, today.
  • From chaos to composure

    Staff Sgt. Joseph Everett was spending time in Amsterdam with his girlfriend when a man tried to pick a fight with him. Instead of bringing the man to the ground, the four-year Jiu Jitsu athlete calmly diffused the situation by reacting in a non-aggressive manner.“Five years ago I would have fought the guy,” said Everett. “But I’ve learned to be
  • Afraid to be the same: a story of resiliency

    Every morning, Airmen pull into a parking lot and make their way through the door, greeting coworkers as they walk in to begin their day. Some laughing, some not altogether awake without their morning coffee. But, parked in the back corner of the lot there may be an Airman who is wide awake with dread.
  • Airman begins healing through support

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month and the 86 Airlift Wing SAPR office said sexual assault has a significant impact on the military community at large. One Ramstein Airman stepped forward to tell her story. To maintain her privacy we have agreed to refer to her as Airman “Z”.Independence Day weekend 2013, Osan Air Base, Korea,
  • How a chief conquered adversity

    The U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa first sergeant shared his story of mentorship and resilience during a joint monthly meeting between two of the Kaiserslautern Military Community’s mentorship clubs – The Huddle and KMC Let’s Connect.
  • No days off: Airman uses training to aid soldier

    You play like you practice; An 86th CES firefighter used his training experience to aid a solider after a vehicle collision.
  • Overcoming the shadow of death: an Airman’s fight against depression

    Sook encouraged Airmen to look for a cause, and do what it takes to survive so they can continue to fight for it.