Airlifter Hoyle: Second to none

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Thomas Karol
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Hard work and dedication are two ways to describe most people who are nominated as Airlifter of the Month. They are driven team members who lead from the front and have a stellar work ethic and a can-do attitude. For U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Javion Hoyle, 86th Maintenance Squadron aircraft fuels system craftsman, applying hard work and dedication is just another day at the office and another stepping stone to greatness.

Hoyle received accolades for his part streamlining aircraft fuel disposal.

“I am proud to have earned the title, but it was not all my doing,” Hoyle said. “My teammates are the best in the business and I couldn't do anything without them.”

Hoyle also stepped up and displayed his dedication to the Air Force core values by covering a short-notice temporary duty assignment when another member of his squadron was unable to fill it.

“He is always the first to volunteer,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Morgan Nickerson, 86 MXS accessories assistant flight chief. “He is the first to show up to work and the last to leave. His work ethic is second to none. He deserves the title because of what he does for this unit, what he contributes to the mission and how he makes himself available to people in need of help.”

Hoyle led his team to create hoses from recycled material to remove fuel from aircraft and used his innovative leadership skills to come up with a solution to keep the mission moving.

“Hoyle was charged with making these hoses so we could properly dispose of fuel from aircraft while mitigating problems regarding the environment,” Nickerson said. “It was important work because of the danger that can come with it.”

He and his team removed 2,000 gallons of fuel from three separate aircraft so they could fix them. They created 20-foot hoses from the leftover material to support this specific mission requirement. He and his team not only removed the fuel, but properly disposed of it so as to not contaminate the environment.

Hoyle’s work ethic partly came from his previous duty station. In that high-tempo environment he learned the standards of greatness and how to apply them wherever he goes.

“Coming from Korea where the speed of the mission is high to here is quite the transition,” Nickerson said.” But, he never took his foot off the gas. He came here with the same attitude as he did there and has been killing it ever since he got here.”

According to Nickerson, Hoyle’s leadership is a hot commodity in the unit. He stated that without leadership like his the mission would not run as well as it does.

“He is one of the best leaders I have ever met,” Nickerson said. “He is always available to help Airmen out and teach them the ropes. He never takes the easy way out and shows people how to do it right. Our new Airmen learn from his behavior and observe how he works and he keeps us in check at the top. I could not ask for a better leader in this unit.”

Hoyle also tries to set a good example for his Airmen by leading from the front and says how he learned from greatness and wants to give back what he learned.

“Every team needs someone to turn to when they need help,” Hoyle said. “When I was a young Airmen I needed people to turn to and I wanted to pay it forward. I want to be a positive influence on my Airmen so they can take care of business and help others when they need it.”

With his children being his prime motivation, Hoyle works to be a positive example for them everyday. Hoyle believes his performance and dedication to his job and personal life are a direct correlation to his family.

“Whether you like it or not your kids are always watching,” Hoyle said. “As a father it’s my job to set a positive example for them in all aspects of my life. It doesn’t matter if I’m at work, the gym or home, I try to be the best because my family deserves the best.”

Some people need a paragraph or more to explain themselves. Nickerson says he can describe Hoyle in just one word.

“Fantastic,” Nickerson said. “He is just an all around great person. When I send him to a job I know it's in good hands and I don’t have to worry about it. He doesn’t complain about the work and gets it done with little to no problems. I know if he wasn’t here we would be hurting right now.”

Hoyle said he plans on continuing to chase his professional goals. He is determined to not make this achievement a one-off and more is to come.

“This is just one accomplishment in my career,” Hoyle said. “I want to continue doing as much as I can to make my team proud. They have been good to me, so I want to keep working hard and keep my head held high.”