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  • 10th EAEF: A flight that saves lives

    In the frigid and dim cargo hold of a C-17 Globemaster III, Airmen strive to save the lives of injured service members while being tormented by the deafening rumble of four engines. These Airmen are the patients’ best option for medical care and transportation to a hospital.
  • Assessing the situation

    Going into work filled with dread is something everyone has experienced at one time or another. Knowing that you have piles of work to catch up on, or that it’s going to be a particularly busy day is one thing. But what happens if you dread work because of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment?
  • 86th AMDS keeps track of Ramstein’s health

    Just as parents are concerned about the health and safety of their children, leaders within the Air Force care about the well-being of Airmen. Negligence with personal health not only effects individuals, but also puts everyone around them at risk. One of the key factors in preventing the spread of viruses or infections is education. The 86th Aerospace Medicine Squadron has a number of sections geared to keeping Ramstein healthy, including an epidemiology office.
  • 86th MXG keeps Ramstein forward, ready, now

    The Air Force functions like a complex machine made up of interlocking gears that keep the mission rolling. Every wheel is important with its specific function, but when one gear malfunctions, the whole mechanism suffers. The 86th Maintenance Group is an element of Ramstein that keeps the mission pushing forward.
  • 86th FSS resale lot keeps Airmen driving forward

    When moving from one duty station to another, buying or selling a vehicle can become a large stressor. It can be tough finding transportation to house hunt, run errands or travel during the transition.
  • Airmen take a leap of faith

    Ascending into the unknown, Airmen look out the windows of a tiny propeller aircraft. The structures on the ground get smaller, and the sound of the plane is the only noise inside the small ‘seatless’ cabin.
  • The Flamingo Wings: 435th AGOW, 435th AEW

    When I arrived at Ramstein, I asked myself and I have been asked a number of times by others since, “Why a pink flamingo?” What does a pink flamingo have to do with the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing?
  • 435th AGOW IG briefs new commanders

    RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany—When new commanders come into the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, they must attend a briefing with a 435th AGOW Inspector General member.
  • The glue that binds

    Engines roared to life as the hum of the ‘birds’ flooded the tarmac, and three C-130J Super Hercules lined up to take flight during another annual training mission.  Although this forward training deployment was routine, many hours were spent planning to ensure things flowed smoothly. Staff Sgt. Toni Odom, 37th Airlift Squadron loadmaster and
  • Ramstein Lifeguard Course: when saving lives floats your boat

    During the hot days of summer, many Airmen and their families may find themselves heading to the pool or beach to escape the heat and relax. While enjoying the water, they may not think of those who watch over them and keep them safe: the lifeguards. Many of them may also not realize that becoming a lifeguard themselves is possible through the Ramstein Aquatic Center.