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  • The best at being last

    Airmen strive to be the best they can be every day while emulating the Air Force core value, excellence in all we do. A group of Airmen from the 86th Dental Squadron did exactly that at the Mudless Mudder, July 21, as they crossed the finish line in dead last.The Mudless Mudder is a 5 kilometer race planned and hosted by volunteers from the 86
  • Thomas Perry retires after 48 years of service to KMC

    It was the year 1966, and newly enlisted Airman Thomas Perry, 786th Force Support Squadron cook, had planned on spending Christmas relaxing, but instead received orders that deemed it crucial to arrive at his first base before Christmas.
  • AAFES: Going where you go and a little further

    Living overseas can be difficult for many service members and their families, with them not being able to have many of the conveniences they are used to having in the United States, but that’s where the Army and Air Force Exchange Service comes into play.
  • 435th CTS builds ties with local community

    Local national students who finish school with a diploma have an opportunity to learn trade skills and earn money on Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
  • Running Improvement Program passes into Ramstein

    As their arms and legs feel heavier, chest and lungs start burning, and sweat runs into their eyes, thoughts of stopping spring to the front of many runners’ minds. However, for many people - including military members - they may have to keep going long after those thoughts appear.
  • To fly where he stood

    War debris and blood soaked sand cover the shore. Naval vessels operating in pairs with nets between them gather bodies from the water. A grim site for Donald Coffey. The aftermath of the invasion was the first thing he saw when arriving to the beach front in Normandy, France, 73 years ago. The next thing was a half-track striking an underwater
  • 86th LRS fuels Ramstein’s mission

    The 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s petroleum, oils and lubricants flight is responsible for handling the installation’s military fuel supply.
  • SLO office quick to connect KMC

    Parents are their children’s biggest advocate, and when families are transitioning between schools, it’s important for parents and guardians to speak up and know what their children need.
  • Cloudy with a chance of victory: Weather Airmen keep eyes on the sky

    Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese general who authored “The Art of War,” once wrote, “know the land, know the weather, your victory will then be total.”This is why the Air Force invests plenty of time and money into training certain Airmen to watch for anything happening in the atmosphere.Whether the sky is wide and open as the ocean, or if there is a
  • Know a foreign language? KMC LEAP wants you!

    Ramstein recently introduced a mentorship-based organization to support the Air Force Language Enabled Airman Program.