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  • Farewell dorms; Hello housing!

    With every promotion, Airmen gain new responsibilities and expectations. Some promotions come with the eligibility to move out of the base dormitories, and the process can unfortunately take longer when Airmen receive incorrect information.
  • 86th OSS Airman takes Air Force by storm

    Behind every multi-million dollar aircraft landing at Ramstein is a team of Airmen that are celebrating yet another successful flight as they continue to diligently watch the skies for hazardous weather. For one of those teams, one Airman stands out from all other weather Airmen across the world, giving the 86th Operations Support Squadron something else to celebrate.
  • Investing in Ramstein’s Airmen; UTMs lay foundation for excellence

    UTMs are the Airmen responsible for managing the training program of their unit.
  • 721 APS local national celebrates 39 years of sparkling service

    After nearly four decades of dedicated work, one would hope they have left a mark on their work center. One 721st Aerial Port Squadron member has done that and more.
  • AADD saves lives, careers, in the KMC

    Airmen Against Drunk Driving is a program available on many Air Force installations, including Ramstein. The program not only serves Airmen, but all members of the U.S. military.
  • Learning from tragedy: instructor’s past prepares him for the present

    While many people look at extreme situations and think to themselves, “It could never happen to me,” they run the risk of allowing those same unfortunate circumstances to occur.
  • Medical units maintain preparedness through training

    After the clock struck midnight on New Year’s day, many people began to put their new resolutions into motion. For medical professionals stationed here, their resolution was to start the year with training to maintain job proficiency.
  • Ramstein UBO assist patients with medical insurance

    For active duty military medical coverage, there’s Tricare. So, where do all the other Ramstein employees and families go for help with other medical insurance?
  • CGOs complete original long-distance race

    Some say that running is a hobby. For others, it’s a passion. For a good portion of people, it’s simply a means to an end…pass their physical training test.It’s worth a guess that even those who only run to pass their PT test have dreamt of crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles. All three female company-grade officers from the 86th
  • Getting “riggy” with it

    Cargo planes roar through the sky to make airdrops that seem to always hit their marks with precision.This feat is accomplished through constant training and carefully planned pallet packing perfectly performed by Airmen from the 86th Airlift Wing.Aerial delivery specialists from the 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron are masters of their craft