Airlifter of the Month- Insurance broker to USAF

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jordan Lazaro
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Jackson Elliott worked a few different jobs prior to joining the U.S. Air Force at 25 years old, including landscaping and becoming an insurance broker. He grew up in San Diego, California. Growing up he went to the beach, spent time with friends, played video games, and rode dirt bikes.

Elliot said he did not like what he was doing much and wanted to do something more exciting, so he did something about it.

“I went down to my local recruiter and I left two months later,” he said.

After arriving at Ramstein Air Base in September 2019, now Senior Airman Jackson Elliott, 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron ground transportation support operator, made himself known to his leadership by his commitment to his work and team, which quickly resulted in well-deserved accolades.

“Senior Airman Elliott has demonstrated his service and commitment to being a truly professional ground transportation operator,” said Capt. Mark Rollyston, 86th VRS ground transportation flight commander.

Since arriving at Ramstein, Elliott contributed to numerous ground transportation missions, including multiple cargo movements to Poland, and multiple trips to stage equipment to aid in the Ukraine conflict.

To continue support for the local mission, Elliott aided in the disposition of a G-222 aircraft that was no longer needed for military transportation of cargo. This aircraft was stripped and relocated to the Disposition Services Defense Logistic Agency to clear the ramp and make more room for additional aircraft at RAB.

Additionally, Elliott demonstrated his maneuverability during the U.S. European Command change of command while also being selected as part of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s motorcade which mobilized staff members to various locations in Stuttgart. His efforts ensured the safety and smooth transition of transport while the U.S. Secretary of Defense and his team were here.

During Operation Allies Welcome, Elliott spent 12 hours a day moving evacuees from the plans to the tents where they began their in-processing at Ramstein. At times, he would spend up to four consecutive hours shuttling evacuees and if he was not doing that, he was helping his team clean the buses for the other drivers.

“Providing transportation for Afghan evacuees during Operation Allies Welcome was one of my most memorable moments,” Elliott said. “They were long days, but it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.”
Because of his work ethic and dedication, Elliott was awarded Airlifter of the Month for the 86th Airlift Wing during a presentation on Sept. 15, 2022.

“Senior Airman Elliott is an absolute stellar example of what we would want as a ground transportation operator,” said Rollyston. “He embodies professionalism by always arriving early to ensure not only himself is squared away, but that his vehicles are squared away. Senior Airman Elliott exudes pride in not only what he’s driving, but who he’s driving and what he represents.”

Elliott is passionate about pushing himself outside of his comfort zone.

“If you are going to be successful, you have to be willing to do things that make you uncomfortable,” explained Elliott.

He plans to continue down the path of serving his country by continuing his self-development and education to achieve his long-term goal of commissioning.

“Joining the Air Force has given me a sense of pride and taught me some really good morals,” said Elliott. “It has shown me how to treat people, how to be a mentor and opportunities to gain role models.”