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  • KMC members go gliding, learn skills, improve community

    Gliders are engineless aircraft that can stay aloft for hours by riding thermal updrafts, or heat swells, created by trees and structures on the ground. Eight members of the Kaiserslautern Military Community attended a day trip through the 86th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation program to try their hand at piloting gliders, build their personal community and better themselves through learning.
  • Air crews breathe easy with aerospace physiology

    When pilots and air crews start up the engines, taxi to the runway and the take off into the horizon, they are relying on one another’s skills and expertise to get all of them back on the ground safely. The higher they soar, the more they are at risk for altitude sickness, which can manifest in a variety of ways. The 86th Aerospace Medicine Squadron Aerospace Physiology’s primary mission is to train aircrew, pilots, loadmasters, or jumpers, and anyone else who flies on the physiological effects of altitude.
  • 86th MXS wins intramural softball championship

    RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany – Glints of sunlight shimmer through the squinted eyes of an 86th Maintenance Squadron softball player as he steps up to the batting plate and rears back his bat. The crowd erupts into a mix of jeers, taunts, and praises as the 786th Force Support Squadron’s pitcher hurls the ball confidently through the air over home
  • 37th AS pilots build partnerships, rule the sky

    Somewhere in Romania, two propeller-driven aircraft carved their way through a mountain range. The pilots rode their aircraft like flying stallions, surfing low over the valley.
  • 435th AGOW conducts exercise Lending Hand

    On a remote corner of RamsteinAir Base, Airmen wearing Kevlar and helmets stretch barbed-wire barriers aroundthe perimeter of a gravel clearing. Inside the perimeter, many more airmen areat work. Personnel in hardhats and gloves raise tents to house networkequipment. More Kevlar-clad Airmen erect a high-vantage security camera, and inanother corner
  • Canadian vet visits Ramstein to reclaim 7 life-changing days of his past

    ChrisKlodt pushed his wheelchair through the cavernous cargo hold of a C-17Globemaster III. Cot-racks were bolted to the floor in configuration formedical evacuation, carrying life-support equipment and medical supplies. Heremembers very little about the day 10 years ago when a life-saving cabin muchlike this one carried him from Afghanistan to
  • Fly away with Space A!

    RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany – Space Available, commonly known as Space A, is a program at many U.S. military installations around the world that allows military members, dependents, retirees, and certain civilians to ride an aircraft to a destination at either a very cheap price or no cost at all.The program stems from the concept that if a military
  • Revitalizing Ramstein: The road to readiness

    Airmen across Ramstein Air Base, Germany, support a massive mission every day, and its leadership is working hard to bolster mission readiness from top to bottom.   The installation is the headquarters of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, and serves as the main thoroughfare for operations across Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.  
  • 86 AW Command Post: The brains of the KMC

    Every day, thousands of people come in and out of Ramstein going about their business and accomplishing a host of missions.Ramstein is part of the Kaiserslautern Military Community, which is the largest community of Americans outside the United States. The installation itself is a major hub for operations throughout Europe, Africa, and Southwest