Ramstein: Sold on Chasity

  • Published
  • By Airman Edgar Grimaldo
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Safety and security were at the forefront of considerations for Operation Allies Welcome.

Throughout OAW, Senior Airman Chasity Sellers, 86th Security Forces Squadron operations support assistant, was assigned as a security forces team leader. Sellers was called upon to be the primary Unit Control Center representative for the 86 SFS operations section, ensuring clear and concise communication between security forces and the Emergency Operations Center.

Sellers’ passion for helping operations run smoothly and providing her peers the information they need to be successful made her the perfect candidate for her unit’s sponsorship program.

The sponsor program welcomes all new 86 SFS members and shows them what their time at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, will look like.

“As a sponsor, you are the first contact for either new Airmen straight out of tech school, or Airmen that have been stationed all over the world already,” Sellers said. “It is up to you to set the standard and show them what is expected from them at the shop.”

Newcomers at Ramstein will go through lengthy in-processing where they complete a multitude of tasks including finding a house, bringing their families overseas, adjusting their pay, and going to medical check-ups.

“It’s stressful moving overseas. Not only are you setting the expectations, but you are also welcoming and making them feel comfortable as well,” Sellers said. “I try to mitigate that stress by sharing the knowledge I have and make them feel welcome.”

Helping new members move bases takes a lot of time and dedication. For Sellers, the gym allows her to blow off some steam.

“What got me into weightlifting was my military training instructor during Basic Military Training,” Sellers said. “She was so awesome that she could outrun all the males. I really looked up to her.”

Sellers knew she needed to make some changes in her life to become more fit like her MTI.

“From then on I started working super hard at the gym,” Sellers said. “And started developing muscles I never knew I had.”

From that point on, Sellers was obsessed with the gym and the progress that came along with it.

“I’ve always been slim because of soccer,” Sellers said. “That all changed when I started lifting heavier weights. It not only made me stronger, but also made me more confident, gave me more energy, helped me fall asleep faster, helped me mentally, and helped my marriage.”

Weightlifting has not only helped Sellers in her personal life, but also helped her become the Airman she is now by providing her the energy, confidence and sleep to exceed her expectations.

Sellers was awarded Ramstein’s Airlifter of the Week, Oct. 27, for her commitment to helping people and her ability to persevere under any environment.

“A lot of Airmen come to me and ask me ‘what does it take to be below the zone?’ I feel like [Sellers has] all the right qualities Airmen should strive for,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Bryant Roy, 86 AW operations group superintendent. “Not only are you looked at formally as a leader, but informally as well. The fact that your supervisor holds you in such high regard that she can go to you for anything already puts you on the map.”

Moving to Ramstein at the peak of OAW and having to balance in-processing and her normal job, Sellers has not only met the expectations, but exceeded them.

“I just show up to work and I try to do the best that I can,” Sellers said. “For someone to acknowledge and appreciate that makes me motivated to do even more than I’ve already done.”

Sellers’ personal and professional journey does not end here. She plans on pursuing a career in the military working dog section in the 86 SFS.