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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

Space A-Ramstein AMC Gram

721st Aerial Port Squadron
Ramstein Passenger Terminal, Germany
Email address: spacea@ramstein.af.mil
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 0400-2300 Sun 0600-2300

Passenger Service Center: DSN (314) 479-4440
Comm. from Germany: 06371-46-4440
Comm. from Europe: 00-49-6371-46-4440
Comm. from USA: 011-49-6371-46-4440

Recorded Flight Information: DSN (314) 479-4440
Comm. from Germany 06371-46-4440
Comm. from Europe 00-49-6371-46-4440
Comm. from USA 011-49-6371-46-4440 

 Passenger Service FAX DSN (314) 480-2364
Comm. from Germany 06371-47-2364
Comm. from Europe 00-49-6371-47-2364
Comm. from USA 011-49-6371-47-2364 

Welcome to the Ramstein Passenger Terminal, the Department of Defense's premier air passenger facility. We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to all our patrons and visitors. Please supply feedback on our performance by using the comment cards located throughout the terminal, or by contacting a passenger service agent. On behalf of the 723d Air Mobility Squadron and the Air Mobility Command (AMC), we wish you an enjoyable travel experience and look forward to assisting you in future travels.

Ramstein Passenger Service
Military Lodging Listing

Central Reservations 480-4920
Ramstein Inn Ramstein 480-4960/50/40
Ramstein Inn Landstuhl 491-4610/17
Ramstein Inn Vogelweh 489-8910/8917
(Single $30-32 Suite $43-46 Family Unit $48.00)
General Cannon Hotel (O6 & above) 480-7558/2900
Sembach Lodging 496-8510

Civilian Hotel Listing (within XX minutes from base)
Landgastof Pirsch Ramstein (5 min) 06371-5930
Hotel Merkur Ramstein (5 min) 06371-9180
Hotel Rosenhof Landstuhl (10 min) 06371-80010
Europa Hotel Ramstein (5 min) 06371-96550
Ramsteiner-Hof Ramstein (10 min) 06371-5427
Hotel Christine Landstuhl (10 min) 06371-9020
Hotel Atlantis Ramstein (5 min) 06371-46510
For additional lodging information please contact Central Reservations @ 480-4920 (Mon-Fri 0730-1630)
This does not constitute endorsement by the Air Mobility Command or the United States Air Force

Ground Transportation
Base Shuttle (every 30 min)
Taxi Association (on/off base) 06371-50510/58333
Rita's Taxi & Airport Shuttle 06371-58626
KMC Airport Shuttle 0631-536-7723
Alex Airport Shuttle 06371-43068
Flightline Airport Shuttle 06371-943722
Wildan's Airport Shuttle 06372-508750
Van Service Shuttle 06337-6637
GermanTrain Information 11861

Civilian Car Rental Agencies
Thrifty Ramstein-Kindsbacherstr 58a 06371-952979
Hertz Ramstein AB-Bldg 305 Room# 7 06371-44202
Alamo Ramstein-Landstuhler Str 81 06371-617560
Avis Ramstein-Kindsbacherstr 41 06371-51705
Budget Ramstein-Landstuhler Str 80 06371-952555
Europcar Ramstein-Landstuhler Str 72 06371-952233
Klees Ramstein-Kindsbacher Str 43 06371-619880
Powell Ramstein-Kindsbacherstr 39a 06371-52169
Sixth Ramstein AB-Bldg 1202 06371-43978

For Official Travel ONLY call Vehicle Dispatch @ 480-5961/5962
For additional Transportation listings please contact the Passenger Service Center for separate listings
This does not constitute endorsement by the Air Mobility Command or the United States Air Force

Quick Reference Telephone Numbers
USO (Ramstein Passenger Terminal) 480-6326
American Red Cross 480-2171/5464
American Red Cross (after hours) 431-2334
Base Exchange (BX) 480-7110
Base Locator 480-6120
Base Operator 480-1110
Chaplain Services (North/South) 480-6148/5753
Customs Office (Ramstein) 480-5538
ABC Travel Service (off base) 0180-5988333
Globetrotter Travel Service (off base) 06371-617270
RTT Destinations Unlimited (Ramstein) 480-6330/6650/6279
SATO Travel Central Reservations 0800-1007102
SATO (Army) Passenger Service (Kleber) 483-8628
Law Enforcement Desk 480-2050
SATO/TMO (Air Force) Passenger Svc(Ramstein) 480-5373/5374
Credit Union (Ramstein) 480-2425/5556
Service Community Bank (Ramstein) 480-2390/6538
Visitor Center West Gate 480-5775
Visitor Center East Gate 480-7829
Information current as of May 2006