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86th AW/IG Complaints & Resolution Frequently Asked Questions


Mail a copy of PCS orders or logistical support letter to your sponsor. Sponsor's can open a mailboxes 90 days prior to the "Report No Later than Date." Once the sponsor sets up the mailbox, the member can use his/her address immediately. All packages will be held at the post office until the member's arrival. It is important to notify companies of your new address prior to departing to avoid delays in receiving magazines, bills, etc.

If you are sending packages in advance of your arrival, please ensure to keep in mind the following tips:

Addresses/customs forms clearly written: Make sure addresses are written on the box legibly. Use proper names when completing addresses, also, address lines must match the name(s) on file at the post office. When mailing out packages from the post office you must provide a detailed description of the contents inside of the package on the customs forms.

Check your mail regularly: If you're expecting packages or you receive multiple catalogs, we ask that you check your mail receptacle daily. You will be contacted by the post office if mail has accumulated in your box for over 30 days (15 days for parcels).

How to prevent returned mail: If you are going TDY or taking leave en-route, please contact customer service to place your receptacle on hold. This will help prevent your package being "returned to sender". If you would like to allow someone else to check your mail, please fill out a PS Form 3801(Standing Delivery Order) at Customer Service. Please keep in mind that the person you designate must have MPS privileges and this service cannot be used for convenience.

Mailing restrictions: You are not allowed to mail alcohol, aerosol cans, lighters, meat products etc. Do not use your APO address to run a business. Customs Officials conduct random inspections at the post office for prohibited items. For more guidance and information on mailing restrictions, contact your local post office before sending items.