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KMC Housing


The KMC Housing Management Office is primed to support all military members and DOD civilian employees in securing a home on base (military only) or on the local economy. Upon arriving to the KMC area, you must view the mandatory housing briefings here. The briefs cover eligibility for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), counseling and guidance prior to signing a written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. All newly arriving active duty members are required to view the housing briefing here. It is advised to wait until you arrive to secure housing in order to tour available units.


Military Family Housing

Military on base housing consists of 3 and 4 story multi-unit stairwell buildings and townhouses. All units have 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets, built-in dishwasher, mini-blinds or rolladens and ceiling fans.
Townhomes have small private yards and an attached garage. On or off base; Residents are responsible for yard maintenance and snow removal. Cable television is available at occupant expense (satellite dishes and external antennas are prohibited in base housing). Waterbeds and outside storage sheds are not permitted. Privately owned outdoor recreation equipment may be installed inside the back yards of townhomes with prior approval of the Housing Office. Upon arriving in the KMC, you must view the mandatory initial briefings here.

Ramstein Housing Floor Plans

Landstuhl Housing Floor Plans

Vogelweh Housing Floor Plans

NOTE: If your authorized housing category shows a 0 months wait, inbound personnel can expect to receive an offer for on-base housing. Whether that offer is accepted or rejected, members should expect their temporary lodging allowance (TLA) to stop by the date that the Furnishings Management Section (FMS) could have delivered temporary furniture to the house.


Local Community Housing

The Military Housing Office (MHO) assists in locating suitable housing for all military members authorized Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) and DOD civilian employees authorized Living Quarters Allowance (LQA). Personnel assigned to units within the KMC area have access to over 10,500 rental units located throughout 300 villages within a 20-mile radius or one hours’ drive of Ramstein AB. One, two, and three bedroom properties are available. Properties with four bedrooms or higher are somewhat more difficult to find.  Many landlords do not allow pets, please ask about pet policy prior to making any commitments. The Furnishings Management Section can provide a refrigerator, washer/dryer and wardrobes. If you plan on living off-base it is highly encouraged not to ship 110V US spec items due to European 230V power supply. The use of Realtors or Immobiliens is discouraged because their finder's fees may range from one to three months’ rent; this is in addition to normal move-in costs.  The fee for an Immobilien is at your own expense. Reimbursement fees are rarely authorized ensure you contact MHO before signing a lease or contract. Please be advised, In accordance with DoD policy, the housing office no longer validates rental rates.


TLA Procedures 

Temporary Lodging Allowance is an entitlement to help defray the cost of lodging while seeking permanent housing. TLA is closely monitored and certain criteria must be met to continue to receive TLA. Members will be briefed on their TLA entitlement and their responsibilities by watching the newcomers briefing here. So it is very important to take your briefing immediately upon arrival. With a reservation, Services generally blocks 30 days for a Temporary Living Facility room. After that it is space-available. But reservation policies are up to Air Force Inns. TLA is authorized for payment while member is "aggressively seeking housing"
-- The housing office has authority to approve TLA up to 30 days; up to 60 days requires approval from the 86th Civil Engineer Squadron commander
-- TLA extensions will not be allowed when listings are available within a service member's bedroom entitlement, OHA ceiling, etc. Note the bedroom entitlement is less than many people prefer and does not distinguish between apartments, duplexes, stand-alone houses, etc.
-- Members should get a receipt from lodging every 10 days and submit to the housing office.
-- Pet issues and school districts are not justification for TLA extensions beyond 30 days.


Unaccompanied Housing

Unaccompanied Air Force E-4 and below must report to the Dorm Reception Center, Bldg 2108, with a copy of their orders. Unaccompanied Army E-6 and below personnel are required to live in Army Barracks. Please report to Army Unaccompanied Housing located in Bldg 3213 on Kleber Kaserne or contact them at DSN: (314) 541-5793/5360/5260.

Housing Average Wait Times

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Appliance Manuals


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