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435th Air Ground Operations Wing at Ramstein Air Base

The 435th Air Ground Operations Wing is assigned to 3rd Air Force, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Command, at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.


The 435th Air Ground Operations Wing rapidly establishes expeditionary airfield operations and communications; integrates joint fires and weather across the full spectrum of conflict; and provides theater-wide combat support and training.


The 435th AGOW consists of over 1,500 personnel divided into four groups and 11 squadrons with 19 geographically separated units located across 14 sites. Each group assumes a specific portion of the wing's operational mission.

The 435th Contingency Response Group is USAFE's only expeditionary open-the-base force. The group provides a scalable, cross-functional, rapidly deployable force designed to assess and open airbases and perform initial airfield operations enabling rapid standup of combat operations anywhere in the EUCOM AOR. Additionally, the CRG provides USAFE's primary expeditionary aerial port capability and conducts airfield surveys in support of USAFE operations planning. The group also provides the command expeditionary combat support training via a Ground Combat Regional Training Center, Silver Flag exercise course, Expeditionary Leadership Program, and Civil Engineering Mission Essential Equipment Training. A newly dedicated building partnership capacity function of trained and certified Air Advisors provides the group with the capability to perform theater security cooperation events which bolster international partnerships with partner Air Forces, stabilize global forces and ensure access to global commons. Finally its specialized military and civilian engineering teams also engage in theater-wide mission-related design, construction, and aircraft arresting systems activities in support of contingencies, theater security cooperation events, humanitarian and civic assistance projects, and AEF deployments as tasked.

The 435th Air and Space Communications Group provides USAFE's only combat communications and C4ISR systems support for NATO and EUCOM. The group is responsible for theater deployable communications, expeditionary airfield system assets, specialized maintenance of communications, airfield, navigational aids, weather systems, and operation and maintenance of highly classified JWICS, GCCS, TBMCS and ISR networks, across the USAFE area of responsibility.

The 4th Air Support Operations Group is home to USAFE's Battlefield Airmen. The Group organizes, trains, equips, and administers an Air Support Operations Center (ASOC), Tactical Air Control Parties (TACPs), Battlefield Weather Teams and Staff Weather Operations in support of HQ United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and V Corps. It advises USAREUR units on the best integration of airpower into their scheme of maneuver and coordinates attack, airlift, and reconnaissance air assets in support of the joint battle plan. The Group assists in the planning and execution of airpower, provides command and control of airpower, and integrates weather effects into planning and operations on the battlefield.

The commander of the 435th CRG also commands the 401st Air Expeditionary Group. This standing AEG provides operational and administrative control (OPCON/ADCON) to deployable forces/units as assigned by 3rd Air Force.

Achievements and Honors

The honors of the 435th Troop Carrier Group are bestowed upon the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing. This group was awarded seven campaign streamers for its World War II service, and a Distinguished Unit Citation for its special contributions to the D-Day invasion. In addition to these bestowed honors, the wing earned twelve Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards for 1 Jul 1972-30 Jun 1974; 1 Jul 1978-30 Jun 1980; 1 Jul 1981-30 Jun 1983; 1 Jul 1983-30 Jun 1985; 1 Jul 1985-30 Jun 1987; 1 Jul 1987-30 Jun 1989; 1 Jul 1989-30 Jun 1991; 2 Aug 1990-31 Mar 1991; 1 Jul 1991-30 Jun 1993; 1 Jul 1993-31 Mar 1995; 14 Jan 2004-31 Oct 2005; 1 Dec 2005-30 Nov 2007; and 1 Dec 2007-1 Jul 2009. The wing also earned a Joint Meritorious Service Medal (1 Feb 1993-31 Jan 1994) for its participation in Operation PROVIDE PROMISE and won the 2006 Commander in Chief's Award for Installation Excellence and the Air Force Association Citation of Honor Award for 2012.