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  • Airman strives to serve, honor, challenge self

    Some days she's practicing precision and bearing while holding a flag. Other days, she's greeting customers and sorting their mail. Regardless of what challenge she's taking on, she embraces it with full force.Twenty-seven year old Airman 1st Class Kara Woods, 86th Communications Squadron postal specialist, said joining the military was something
  • 786th FSS FAC keeps Airmen fit to fight

    As part of the overall Airman concept, each individual is required to complete a fitness assessment at least once a year. In order to be fit for the mission, these tests are crucial to the Air Force's success.Though these assessments may be nerve-wracking and stressful for some, what many people may not see is all of the work that goes into
  • Don’t Underestimate German Beer

    One of the many joys of living in Germany is the opportunity to sample a variety of German beer.  Those that are connoisseurs have probably had  wheat beers such as the "Weizenbier" or "Hefeweizen," pale beers, "Altbier" or "Pilsener," or dark beers, "Bock" or "Dunkles."  But what many Americans may or may not know is the alcohol content of the
  • How do math and alcohol make a good combo?

    How do math and alcohol make a good combo? Yes, you read that correctly. Math and alcohol can make a good combination and reduce the chances of making bad decisions. In order to do the math, you should be drinking at a minimal and responsible level.You should also  keep track of how many standard drinks you have consumed. To calculate this,
  • Motorcyclists spring into right mindset

    As the year rolls into spring, so too will many of the motorcycle riders in the Kaiserslautern Military Community as they come out to enjoy a ride in the warmer weather.In preparation for the increased presence of riders, the 86th Airlift Wing Safety office held a pre-season motorcycle safety briefing April 1, at Ramstein Air Base.The briefing is
  • Bowling for supervision, leadership w/ ‘The Huddle’

    The cracking sounds of bowling pins being violently struck and shuffled to the back of the lane are a fitting background noise as a small group of young Airmen receive drops of wisdom from several senior enlisted visitors.One of the guests to stop by the senior NCO-led, monthly meeting, nicknamed "The Huddle," is Chief Master Sgt. Kaleth Wright,
  • What does “drinking responsibly” mean?

    Have you ever ordered a glass of wine, beer or a shot of liquor and when it arrived, thought "that's it?" The likely reason is because most restaurants measure their drinks but when we pour our own drinks, we often overestimate what a standard drink size actually is.In the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment clinic, we have a "Pour Me a
  • 86th AW, 435th AGOW communicate through EO

    The 86th Airlift Wing Equal Opportunity office conducted an out-and-about with 435th Air Ground Operations Wing Airmen to ensure Airmen are being treated fairly, are communicating effectively and are satisfied with their workplaces.The Airmen had the opportunity to speak with Tech. Sgt. Shajita Rios, 86th AW EO advisor, about the positives aspects
  • A journey to JTAC

    Senior Airman Tormod Lillekroken makes a joke and flashes a smile to his teammate next to him as his eyes dart from the map in his hand to an old car about 500 meters in the distance. This is his target, and he's attempting to pinpoint its exact location. Shielded by bushes on a high hill, he peeks through openings in the leaves to gather enough
  • Different uniform, same school of leadership

    Amidst the halls and classrooms of the 86th Force Support Squadron's Airman Leadership School, Airmen are engulfed in a culture of their own as they develop their leadership skills. However, joining these Airmen is a uniform pattern, a cultural background and a service member from a branch different than their own.U.S. Army Spc. Dean Iversen is the