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  • USAFE/AFAFRICA re-opens after renovation

    In Early 2009, renovation began on the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Headquarters building at Ramstein Air Base, on what was the first phase of a two-phase construction project. The facility was originally constructed in 1953, a mere ten years after WWII, and had received no substantial upgrades since it was initially put into
  • Diverse Airmen strengthen Air Force's global presence

    A diverse force is our unique advantage to providing forward-based combat power for America.Diversity of cultures, beliefs and ideas are ever-present in our professional and personal lives. These differences among Airmen make us more effective.I read a January Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa article about an Airman who exemplifies
  • Diversity is our Strength

    I learned early in life that diversity equals strength. I attended Robert E. Lamberton public school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the age of 10. While Lamberton had a reputation as a good academic school, diversity of the student body is what made it special. Lamberton was one of the few public schools in Philadelphia that accommodated children
  • Roaring lions, small dogs

    Editor's note: Chaplain Curtis is the Wing Chaplain for the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing. He travels to small units in Europe and Africa to encourage Airmen as well as to provide free exercise of worship for Airmen.The place to see a lion is in a zoo. Well-fed and exercised, the king of the beasts is there
  • “Shock and Awe” viewed from logistics prism

    What images or thoughts does the phrase "shock and awe" give you? This phrase, originally included in a published paper by National Defense University in 1996, suggested its use to achieve rapid dominance with the goal to destroy or confound an adversary's will to resist with no alternative except to capitulate. The phrase was later used
  • Ramstein Airmen: Excellence beyond reproach

    I have the greatest job in the Air Force. I have the privilege of working with innovative and professional Airmen that amaze me every day.As we all know, 2013 was a fiscally challenging year for the Air Force. Regardless of the financial uncertainty, 86th Airlift Wing Airmen persevered by finding ground-breaking ways to reduce costs, accomplish the
  • Being the Wingman our Airmen need

    We hear the term "wingman" a lot. "Keep an eye on your 'wingman.'" "Be a good 'wingman.'" "Know what your 'wingman' is up to." But do we really know what it means to be a "wingman?"Many people think being a wingman means you keep each other in check when out drinking, while others really have no clue. The reality is, being a wingman is so much more
  • Radical Leadership key to change the world

    We need radical leaders! We need men and women who are not afraid to make changes to the way we accomplish our mission despite the pressure to keep doing things the same old way. Radical leadership is a topic unsettling to those who are comfortable in the status quo. But for us to survive the rapid pace of change in military operations, in an era
  • Snow removal process runs like well-oiled machine

    Every winter, the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron fights an uphill battle to keep Mother Nature at bay. To keep the mission going, the "snow team," which includes the 786th CES Heavy Equipment shop and volunteers from other CE shops, stands ready to face the blustering winds and bitter cold in order to keep our runways and streets clear of snow and
  • Be your own wingman

    It is truly a demanding time to serve overseas. This command continues to execute at a high ops tempo with new and enduring missions in Europe and Africa, providing forward-based combat airpower in an environment tempered by fiscal uncertainty and restricted budgets. While the impact of the recent government shutdown is still fresh in our minds, I