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  • Snow removal process runs like well-oiled machine

    Every winter, the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron fights an uphill battle to keep Mother Nature at bay. To keep the mission going, the "snow team," which includes the 786th CES Heavy Equipment shop and volunteers from other CE shops, stands ready to face the blustering winds and bitter cold in order to keep our runways and streets clear of snow and
  • The Journey to Excellence: Are we there yet?

    As I prepared the commencement speech for the recent Community College of the Air Force graduation ceremony, my mind kept returning to a familiar theme. I thought of this important accomplishment's place on the journey to excellence. As with every journey, the trip is often more challenging than the arrival. I thought of my sons and their attitudes
  • Riding in the danger zone

    There is nothing more liberating for a motorcycle rider than the feeling of being completely unrestrained and out in the open as you cruise the open road on your bike. The feeling we don't often get is, though free, we are completely exposed to danger around every corner and the danger we create for ourselves.That feeling of danger was made
  • USAFE-AFAFRICA commander talks challenges, change

    Gen. Frank Gorenc shared his enthusiasm for becoming the new U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa commander and spoke about challenges the command faces and how to overcome them, in an interview here Aug. 16. "I'm absolutely thrilled to be back in Europe," said Gorenc who left Ramstein in 2012 after serving as the 3rd Air Force
  • Make it happen, Airmen

    Airmen are no strangers to change. Our Air Force was born from change after an exhausting world war when nations were recovering and healing emotionally, physically and financially.The decades following World War II brought us numerous changes: hot and cold wars, technological and aerospace advancements, and manpower ups and downs. Like some of
  • Get ready for increased custodial services

    As of Thursday, custodial services in your work areas are increased. Refuse receptacles will be emptied, floors swept and mopped and carpets vacuumed once a week by our custodial contractor. Some of you may ask, "Why we are increasing services during this very difficult time?" We seem to be pinching every penny, grounding planes and furloughing our
  • Following the footsteps of great men

    "All that you do, do it with your might. Things by half are never done right." My father taught me this quote and made me commit it to memory when I was a child. His father encouraged him to live by that same principle. For several years, I thought memorizing the quote was an initial rite of passage, passed exclusively from father to son, and
  • Being spiritually resilient without religion: an alternate perspective

    We all have our bumps in the road. Some are minor speed humps and others are gaping potholes. Those are times where it seems there is nowhere to turn. But, it isn't about what got us there; it's about what brought us back that counts and makes us resilient Airmen. Spiritual resiliency is about having a sense of purpose; those values that sustain
  • Supportive spouses sponsoring spouses

    I've found over the years, relocating yourself and your family can be a stressful aspect in the military, but having a good sponsor can make all the difference. When people are stressed about relocating, they cannot fully concentrate on accomplishing the Air Force mission. As a spouse, there is an even greater need for sponsorship as it can also
  • Know your fellow Airmen

    In times where we find ourselves with growing mission requirements, but less resources and people to complete those missions, we must find ways to increase the efficiency.One way to do this would be getting to know each other, what makes us tick, the things that motivate us and the strengths and weaknesses the people you work with have. You may