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  • A last hurrah for winter?

    The saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers.' But what does April snow bring? The wild weather the Kaiserslautern Military Community has had recently can simply be attributed to some slightly colder than usual temperatures, said Senior Airman Anne Kitchen, a forecaster/observer with the 86th Operations Support Squadron weather flight. The KMC
  • Buddy System proves friendly to Air Force surgical technicians from Guam

    Whenever Tiamae Cruz needed a helping hand in Guam, a friendly face always seemed to arrive within minutes. So when the 18-year-old decided to join the Air Force and leave the confines of her Pacific island measuring 30 miles long by 12 miles wide, she looked around for the usual reassurance. Enter Taija Alcantara, grammar school chum, high school
  • Services’ self-help facilities have you covered

    The 435th Services Squadron's auto hobby shops and auto recycling center offer different services for automotive needs. According to John Stanchfield, 435th SVS marketing director, these centers are traditionally known as self-help facilities. However, the auto skills centers have certified Automotive Service Excellence mechanics on staff to help
  • Social networking sites garner commander concerns

    Imagine a terrorist organization searching to collect information about base personnel, their personal lives, children, where they work, their education, how much money they make. Imagine them being able to find out who is currently deployed, who is about to deploy, where we've been and who we have been there with, all without coming in the gate or
  • Boy Scout organizes project for KMC USO

    Ramstein High School freshman and Boy Scout, Kevin Stewart, recently reached out to the community to help servicemembers and their families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community area. While waiting for a space available flight in the Air Mobility Command passenger terminal at Ramstein he decided to watch a movie. To his dismay, there were hardly
  • Building human bonds through gate guard teams

    In searching out ways to improve security and customer service at Vogelweh's gates, the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron has developed a simple strategy based on the team concept. With the introduction of the Golf-5 team, security forces Airmen and their German civilian police counterparts work in groups of five to six, performing entry controller
  • Teamwork in action

    Ramstein's Joint Mobility Processing Center exemplifies teamwork in action at the passenger terminal. The JMPC serves as the hub for deployment operations originating or terminating at Ramstein. The JMPC processes deploying passengers and cargo, ensuring everybody and everything deploying from, or redeploying to Ramstein is properly processed,
  • Deployed Airmen prepare pilots, aircrews to fly, fight, win

    How often do you put your life in the hands of someone else? Pilots and aircrew members do it every time they fly. It's all a matter of trust, said Capt. Anthony Campbell, a C-130 Hercules aircraft commander deployed with the 737th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, who described flying a 40-something-year-old C-130 like driving your dad's 1960-model
  • Pet owners must follow German rules

    What happens to Scruffy and Fido when their owner deploys or moves back to the U.S.? Unfortunately, some KMC pet owners have chosen to abandon their pets. Under the German Animal Protection Law, pet owners can be fined for taking this action. Pet owners should try to find somebody who wants to take ownership of the pet or place an ad to sell or
  • NATO police protect 600 people, $80M facility

    Once you gain access to Ramstein Air Base, you still have several layers of security to pass when entering the NATO Allied Air Component Command Headquarters building located off the traffic circle on the north side of the base. The ultra modern five-story facility, valued at $80 million, is protected by NATO military police representing five NATO