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  • Base operators keep USAFE connected to the world

    It is perhaps the busiest office on Ramstein receiving 11,000 telephone calls daily. The office bustles with German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages. The Telephone Operations Facility, or as most people refer to as the "Base Operator," is located on Ramstein and services the entire U.S. Air Forces in Europe Command
  • 1st ACOS grows in size, mission

    If anyone remembers watching "Saved by the Bell," they would recognize the now considered huge "Zach Morris" phone; the old Motorola phone that you can only look cool using if you are wearing tight acid washed jeans and a pair of L.A. Gear shoes. This phone was the epitome of mobile technology at that time and while it was the best then, technology
  • Air Force medical squadron is part of Landstuhl team

    For the past 16 years, the 435th Medical Squadron has had the privilege of being an integral part of the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center team. Since 1992, approximately 300 Air Force medical technicians, nurses, doctors and support personnel have served side by side with Army Soldiers, host nation personnel and American civilians at the largest
  • Combat Comm "adopts" Ramstein lake

    Volunteers are the core of many of the Kaiserslautern Military Community's most important programs. As the Air Force continues to undergo changes to its manpower, more organizations have turned to volunteers to assist them in fulfilling their primary missions. Without the time, dedication and service of the men and women of the KMC community, many
  • 86th MXG shows again it is a mobility machine

    The success of exercise Thracian Spring, the annual bilateral training exercise between the U.S. and Bulgaria March 26 to April 6, was the culmination of months of intense preparation by various wing agencies. Within the 86th Maintenance Group, the 86th Maintenance Operations Squadron, Programs and Resources Flight was among the pivotal agencies
  • Community unites for Kindergraves Memorial

    Each spring, the Saturday following Mother's Day, the Ramstein Area Chief's Group and the German-American and International Women's Club Kaiserslautern conduct the Kindergraves memorial ceremony. The Air Force Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Color Guard leads the procession at 9:45 a.m. May 17 from the Daenner Chapel to the Kindergraves on
  • Local unit keeps Air Force personnel at NATO connected

    The Joint NATO Command Branch is located in Stuttgart-Vaihingen as part of the 431st Air Base Group. The branch is comprised of one officer and six enlisted personnel. Its mission is to maintain superior MAJCOM personnel support to the Air Force members serving the NATO mission. The branch provides personnel support to approximately 1,400
  • Know thy Space-A do's and dont's

    Many military members turn to space-available flights while overseas to save money when traveling back home to see family and friends. But knowing how the process works can save military members and their families from unexpected heartache. "The key to successful Space-A travel is understanding how the system works," said Senior Master Sgt. Louis
  • Contract quality assurance at work in KMC

    They may not be on the battlefield, but they are on the frontlines. Every day, hundreds of government representatives in the KMC work with contractors to ensure quality delivery of services to the government. Contractors provide a wide variety of services in support of the military's varied missions. The recent trend has been to outsource more and
  • German AF PME instructor enrolls in USAFE NCO academy

    Master Sgt. Holger Fels, a 15-year veteran professional military education instructor in the German Air Force, is no stranger to teaching professional development to Airmen in Germany's 70K-member "Luftwaffe." What he's not so familiar with is how to impart the same type of knowledge to Airmen in America's Air Force. Recently hand-selected from 200