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  • Not your every day accessories flight

    Aircraft maintainers are a proud, confident group of warriors that will tackle any maintenance problem that gets in their way whether it is raining, snowing or a 150-degree day on the tarmac or in an austere desert location. The 86th Maintenance Squadron Accessories Flight, led by Master Sgt. Richard Lipphardt, is made up of three sections that
  • Readiness challenge determines most Total Fit

    In a trial of agility, balance, coordination and total body strength, 12 teams from around the KMC competed in the "Total Fit Readiness Challenge" May 21 to determine which two-person team was most "Total fit." The event consisted of five unique components that replicated the physical readiness challenges of a deployment. Sponsors for the event
  • Flight Medicine Clinic serves more than aircrew

    When the majority of people think of Flight Medicine, they picture a clinic for aircrew members. The 435th Aerospace Medical Squadron Flight Medicine Clinic makes up the majority of the Flight Medicine Flight; however the medical special operations clinic, emergency response services and aerospace physiology are also crucial components of the
  • FitFactor: Fighting obesity one step at a time

    The 435th Services Squadron plays a big role in helping future leaders become fit and maintaining healthy lifestyles by sponsoring the "FitFactor" program offered to ID card holders at Air Force installations. "The FitFactor program has been around since fall 2005, with the main purpose for youth to get up, get out and get active," said Jennifer
  • KMC Airman boxer wins heavy weight title at Wiesbaden

    Some people decide to take on challenging tasks such as hiking, climbing or biking to control their energy and maintain their focus, but Staff Sgt. Jake Green prefers to take it to the next level by winning the U.S. Forces Armed Championships heavy weight boxing division at Weisbaden Air Field, Army post April 27. Sergeant Green is a Phoenix Raven
  • In Memoriam…

    This summer, starting May 30, the 86th Airlift Wing will retire five more of its C-130E aircraft. The aircraft, among the oldest in the Air Force inventory, entered service in 1964 and 1965. They served throughout the globe, from long-forgotten bases such as Stewart Air Force Base, Tenn. and Clark Air Base, Philippines to modern hubs of our Air
  • SrA plays semi-pro American football for Kaiserlautern Pikes

    Defending his goal line and his country is what Senior Airman Jordan Gourley does by balancing his Air Force days and his nights practicing with the semi-pro Kaiserlautern Pikes American football team. The Pittsburg native works in the munitions storage area on the far side of the runway at Ramstein. Airman Gourley spent his time playing American
  • 435th MDOS continues to soar

    Commitment to "Excellence" rings true in every member of the 435th Medical Operations Squadron. The 435th MDOS proudly serves the Air Force's largest ambulatory clinic, taking care of the military families assigned to Ramstein and 23 garrison support units in three countries. In 2007, four of the 435th MDOS teams: Physical Therapy, Mental Health,
  • Think you're fit? Try the May Total Fit and Readiness Challenge

    As spring rolls into town so do the many opportunities to get fit in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, but you say you're already fit...Well have we got a challenge for you. The May Total Fit and Readiness Challenge, May 21 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the running track in rear of the Southside Fitness Center on Ramstein, is a team fitness challenge
  • USAFE band unites nations with music

    Recently, hundreds of fans filled a Ukrainian concert hall for the classical music of the U.S. Air Force's in Europe jazz ensemble, Check Six, which performed during an eight-day tour. Some may wonder how the music of an Air Force band could attract hundreds of Ukrainians and transcend through language and cultural barriers, but as the USAFE band