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  • Don’t trip: 721st APS highlights fall protection

    721st Ariel Port Squadron host a demonstration for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health officials highlighting the importance of fall protection.
  • Wheels to reels

    A swarm of motorized bikes buzzed like bees as they traversed the terrain. Tires dug into the track, flinging mud behind them. A young boy determined to beat the clock was then confronted by a ten foot roller, a speed deterrent not meant to be jumped. As he climbed the mountainous dirt pile, a competitor collided with him mid-air, catapulting him
  • 521st AMOW is ready to fight anytime, anywhere

    When some people think of warfighting, they often think about the battle itself. But as the saying goes, “getting there is half the battle.”This is why leaders of the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing take their mission of providing air mobility to combat zones very seriously.“We continue to play a critical role in moving munitions, troops, and
  • Grow speech skills with Toastmasters

    The fear of standing in front of a crowd and addressing any topic can be daunting, especially for those with little experience in public speaking. Toastmasters’ Ramstein Speakers Association remedies that by preparing individuals for these situations.Whether it’s for an upcoming brief or getting ready for speech-heavy professional military
  • The core values apply even on the internet

    Since the late 1990s, people around the world have used social media networks to share their ideas and connect with friends. People from all walks of life, including the military, use social media to band together and form online communities. However, social media also became a place for people to vent out their frustrations and express strong
  • The 86th Dental Squadron knows the drill

    A beam of light strikes a metal hook as it grinds against the surface, chipping away at the grime that clings onto the ivories. Just as the technician’s hands start to cramp, the cleaning is finished and the beam of light reflects off the pearly-white teeth like an eclipse over a still ocean.This is one of many tasks 86th Dental Squadron Airmen
  • In awe at human potential: SERE psychologist tells her experience

    Maj. Neysa Etienne has seen people endure the worst situations. She works with the 86th Medical Squadron as a flight commander and the primary Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape psychologist for U.S. Air Forces Europe and United States European Command. Etienne has been helping to repatriate victims of Isolation for four years.
  • Small base, big mission: Morón Air Base enables the fight

    In Sevilla, Spain, a small base is operating with a big mission: supporting military aircraft and personnel during contingencies so they can reach their destinations within Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Morón Air Base is a special, flexible base which expands from a skeleton crew to fully-manned in order to support contingency operations whenever needed.
  • Maintaining post-Cold War treaty on Ramstein

    At any moment, any of 30 counties can announce that they are giving 36 hours’ notice before inspecting Ramstein. The 30 countries are Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe signatories, which they created to control the number of combat capabilities such as combat aircraft in Europe. To prepare for such an inspection, Ramstein conducted a CFE inspection exercise Dec. 6.
  • The weather team prepared to weather a malfunction

    Many logistical variables go into a plane leaving the runway and the 86th Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight plans for those the Air Force cannot control.