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  • Are You A Professional?

    As you go about your assigned daily dutiesin the Air Force , do you consider yourself a professional Airman?  Why ask such an obvious question? A professional in any industry can be defined as an individual formally certified after completion of a delineated course of studies and whose competence can be measured against an established set of
  • Is my alcohol use a problem?

    In the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment clinic, we will often see individuals who refer themselves to the clinic for an assessment because they are unsure if their alcohol use is at a problematic level. This is a great time for someone to reach out for help because they are catching a potential problem before someone else does
  • From DWI to resilience trainer

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently gained more than 70 master resilience trainers-- I count myself lucky to be one of them. However, some people would say the Air Force is lucky to count me as one of its MRTs.The people who know my personal Air Force history have referred to me as the epitome of resilience. I don't know about that myself, but let
  • Strength in diversity, empowered by a proud heritage

    Throughout my Air Force career, I've cooked for, performed at and spoken at Asian-Pacific heritage festivities from Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, to Langley Air Force Base, Va. With more than 18 million Asian-Pacific Americans from nearly 50 countries and ethnic groups, it can be a challenge to include every group; each with distinct
  • Defending the cyberspace runway

    The Command Cyber Readiness Inspection scheduled for March 14 through 25, is a Defense Information Systems Agency-led inspection of the security posture of Ramstein's network.This assessment takes an in-depth look at the policies, procedures and technical capabilities in place on Ramstein, ensuring classified and sensitive information created,
  • Security Forces crack down on IDs

    It's a feeling of panic and frustration when driving up to the gate realizing, "I can't find my ID." After searching every nook and cranny within reach, you decide to just get a pass for the day. It's easy, right? Well, not as easy as you might think.The process to attain a pass is more arduous than it used to be, to avoid the unnecessary workload
  • A resolution for a lifestyle

    Are you one of the millions of people who started this year with a resolution to improve your life? Maybe you promised yourself that you would lose weight, fit into those old favorite jeans, or even improve your physical fitness test score. You, along with many others have done this--so how do you stick to it?For me, it started three years ago with
  • Let’s talk about it: Black History Month

    About three years ago, I wrote a commentary about African American/Black History Month. As I go back and look at it, I've realized it was horribly written, but I was so proud of it and myself.I believe it was my first commentary as well as one of the first times I had ever spoken about my distaste for the term history in the designation of the
  • The devil inside: interrupted

    Editor's Note: This article is part two of a three-part commentary depicting the story of an Airman struggling with the return from deployment, divorce and attempted suicide. The name of the individual has been changed or removed to protect the identities of those involved.Military life can be challenging. Frequent deployments and temporary duties,
  • The devil inside: deployment, divorce, attempted suicide

    Editor's Note: This article is part one of a three-part commentary depicting the struggle of an Airman with returning from deployment, divorce and attempted suicide. The names of individuals have been changed or removed to protect the identities of those involved.Any service member who signed up after 9/11 did so knowing that they would likely